Volvo turns cars into art at Zurich main station

ZURICH, SWITZERLAND – Volvo became a car-turned-art company for three days last week, giving a group of artists free rein to paint over the new Volvo XC60 at the Zurich main train station. Six artists from around the world turned the central hall into a live street art studio, with performing artists adding dance, theatre and music to the ongoing car painting show.

The car began as a white XC60 against a white backdrop and then one after another, the artists turned it into part of a larger canvas, each one painting over the work of the previous artist.

Here’s what the company has to say about its project: ”

“The continually changing face of the Volvo XC60 will captured on a high-end camera, which will take a picture of the vehicle every 10 seconds. The Volvo Art Session can therefore also be enjoyed as a cinematic work. The whole art event will be continuously documented at

“Volvo Art Session is sponsored by Volvo Cars Switzerland. The company is expressing its aim for design expertise and joy in innovation.”

The videos are now on line – up to you to pick your favourite! Here is mine (the kids one is fun, too)