Swiss Alps in 2050: more rain, less snow, warmer springs


Rhone river at St Maurice

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Climate change will have a significant impact on water in the Swiss Alps in the century to come, a European-funded project led by the University of Geneva reported Wednesday 4 September.

Competition could become fierce between agriculture, tourism and industry unless long-term planning takes into account a nearly 1C rise in temperatures that would lead to warmer springs, more rain and less snow in the Rhone Valley, the project leaders told the World Meteorological Organization Wednesday.

ACQWA is a project that began in 2008, which now has 35 partners and a €8.5 million five-year budget.

The group meets with canton Valais leaders Friday to review its findings and the implications for the canton which is home to the Rhone glacier, the source of the river.

Note: swissinfo carries details of the report