Sextorsion on social networks up

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Sextorsion on social media is on the rise, say Valais police

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – “Don’t pay!” is the advice of canton Valais police, who warn that they are seeing an increase of “sextorsion” cases on the internet. The modus operendi is to be invited to be friends with someone who usually has an exotic-sounding name on a page that hasn’t been up for long and doesn’t contain much information. Once the link is made, an invitation is sent to chat on skype or via some other means where you use a camera.

And once you’ve been chatting you’re asked to take off some of your clothes or be indiscrete in some other way. The next step is to start demanding money and to increase the blackmail pressure, saying the images will be exposed or published if you don’t pay up.

Don’t pay! say the police, and contact them, even if it’s embarrassing – you won’t be the first one to have fallen for it.