Brrrr, chilliest night yet in Switzerland

cold dawn Vaud village street_281113

Looking out on a very chilly Swiss village Thursday morning as the sun rose over Lake Geneva

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Warm weather is promised, but to make sure we don’t forget it is winter Mother Nature just handed us the coldest night recorded so far this season, reports MeteoSwiss. The wild bise winds blowing earlier in the week had the small advantage of keeping night temperatures from dropping too much, but by last night, when the wind died down, the sky was crystal clear and temperatures fell:

-3.4C in Neuchâtel, -5.2 at Geneva-Cointrin and in Aigle, -5.9 at Zurich’s Kloten airport, -6.8 in Payerne, -7.3 in Fribourg, -7.4 degrés in Bern,  -7.7 in Sion, -8.3 in Thun, -9.9 in Visp.

The Jura and the Alps were not spared: -13.2 in La Chaux-de-Fonds, -18 in Ulrichen. And in Ticino: -0.6 in Lugano, -1 in Locarno-Monti, -6.3 in Stabio.