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Geneva Motor Show 2012 by Mr Kio

Geneva Motor Show, one of the world's 5 major car shows, March 2012, with photos by Mr Kio on Facebook:

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Geneva Escalade races 2011, by Mr Kio

The traditional Escalade races in Geneva, 2011, photographed by Mr Kio (on flickr: click on images to go to his page)

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Swiss Val d'Herens breed calf, day one

Farmer Raphael finds a calf in the morning that was born out in the field, at about 1,500 metres altitude, then carries it down the mountainside, slung around his shoulders. Mother and one of her girlfriends follow them down and Raphael watches as the wobbly little guy finds the milk and gets his first good drink. Off to a good start!

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2011 Tour de Suisse bike race, Aminona/Crans-Montana

The 2nd stage of the 2011 Tour de Suisse, Aminona climb just before the final bit in Crans-Montana, 12 June 2011

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Central Switzerland in spring, May 2011

A one-day trip through central Switzerland 5 May 2011, with spring colours, countryside

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Geneva Motor Show 2011: a fiesta of beauties!

Gorgeous cars, beautiful women: these are the traditional hallmarks of the Geneva Motor Show and the 2011 edition is no exception. GenevaLunch photographer Mr Kio shares his own special view from the pre-show press days. Cars first, the "girls" to follow. For Mr Kio's other photos:

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Life after death: Geneva, through its winter trees

Geneva's public image is a summertime vision of blue skies and green trees. <a href="" target="_blank">Rohit Acharya</a>shows another, intriguing face to the city, viewed through its trees in winter. (click on images to view larger)

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Chateau d'Oex and Montbovon hot air balloons 2011

The world of hot-air balloons in Switzerland in January: the International Hot-air Balloon Festival in Chateau d'Oex (photos: Mr Kio) and balloons enjoying the weather above Montbovon (photos: Keepps)

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UNHCR history: 60 years of refugees around the world

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees celebrated its 60th anniversary 14 December 2010 and released a magnificent collection of photos from its archives, starting in 1951. UNHCR was twice awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for its work.

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Alpine garden 2010, the last hurrah

The last bright spots of colour before snow fell, wiping clean the slate, to the relief of the Alpine gardener, who didn't keep up with her garden chores this year

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Autumn colours 2010

Lake Geneva region autumn colours near Morges 4 November 2011, a day with spectacular light

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La Cote and Signal de Bougy October 2010

Autumn colours, crowds have gone home, great playground equipment, inexpensive restaurant, golf and wonderful walks: Signal de Bougy, near Rolle/Aubonne in canton Vaud, is worth a trip in October!

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Gotthard base tunnel, April 2009 and October 2010

Images from a rare visit inside the tunnel, April 2009, and from the celebrations 15 October 2010 when the two sides of the tunnel met as the hole was pierced to connect them (Oct 2010 images from TSR Swiss public television)

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Swiss classic British car meet in Morges

Morges, Switzerland 2010 classic British car meet, with 15,000 visitors and scores of beautiful old cars.

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Grimentz, Valais désalpe 2010

The charming old village of Grimentz in canton Valais, Switzerland, celebrates the return of its cows from the high alps where they summer, 26 September 2010.

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Vintage and classic cars 2010

Highlights from various autumn shows of vintage and classic cars, of which there are several around the Lake Geneva region.

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Albert Anker exhibit, Kunst Museum Bern, summer 2010

Albert Anker exhibit, Kunst Museum Bern, summer 2010

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Geneva Lake Parade 2010

Who says Geneva, Switzerland is a conservative town? Not when it's summer and hot and the Lake Parade is on!

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Euro 2012 qualifiers

Europe prepares for the 2012 football qualifiers!

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Weather images, Lake Geneva region and Switzerland

Weather in the Lake Geneva region and other parts of Switzerland, many of them from our <a href="" target="_blank">weather forecast page</a>, created 11 May 2010

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Geneva Airport 19 April 2010: cancelled!

Today's sadness is bound to be tomorrow's madness, with the airport closed for several days due to volcanic ash in the skies above Switzerland. The airport reopening 20 April is a recipe for chaos, but for now, a moment of calm and emptiness.

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Polymanga Festival - Lausanne 2010

A three-day manga, anime, video-game and Japanese culture festival in Lausanne, where eye make-up and wigs prevail

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Rolex Learning Center - EPFL, 2010

March 2010, one month after the opening of the Rolex Learning Center at EPFL in Switzerland, and the building is taking on life. Architects Kazuyo Sejima and Ryue Nishizawa, whose company Sanaa created the unusual design, were awarded the prestigious international architecture Pritzker Prize 29 March 2010. GenevaLunch photographers Mr Kio and Peter Brodbeck visited and photographed the new library and learning space a few days before the award was announced.

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Versoix Chocolate Festival Switzerland 2010 (photos, Mr Kio)

The Versoix Chocolate Festival in Versoix, near Geneva, Switzerland: in its sixth year, it again pulls in thousands of visitors: easy to see why, mmmmmm. GenevaLunch article: <a href="">Versoix gives in to chocolate urge again</a>

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High winds cover Geneva's lakefront in ice

The wind blew hard and temperatures were unseasonably cold Tuesday 9 March, with the high in Geneva -3C. The result was a spectacular but dangerous display of waves and ice along the city's lakefront. Photos here by Peter Brodbeck for GenevaLunch. <a href="">GenevaLunch article on ice, winds</a>

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Geneva Motorshow 2010

The media circus - but most of all the spectacular new cars! Peter Brodbeck and Igor Khromov share their images of the cars that make the Geneva Motor Show an event which attracts 700,000 people every year.

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Basel Fasnacht 2010

From the pre-Fasnacht warmup on Sunday to the wee hours of the morning parade in the dark, and on to the first day's 12 km of marching "cliques" or groups, with their wonderful costumes and masks: this is one of the best events in Europe in the winter.

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Geneva police save trapped swan from likely death

Photos by Peter Brodbeck (©2010 P Brodbeck): Geneva police come to the rescue of a swan trapped by a line from a boat in Geneva's harbour. Other swans attacked the trapped bird and began to bite, but were held at bay until police could save the swan. It was their second swan rescue of the day!

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Switzerland outdoors November 2009

It is the gray season, if you look at the sky, but the hillsides remain a palette of rich colours - autumn has come with mild temperatures this year, lingering, lingering.

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Swiss Alps welcome winter 2009

Winter truly arrived Saturday 7 November: falling leaves, colder weather, wintry sunset. A collection of images from canton Valais, Switzerland.

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Geneva's Cointrin Airport

Cointrin International airport scenes: indoors and out, restaurant, bird & wildlife protection, risk reduction

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October 2009 pumpkin bonanza

Pumpkins love our Swiss Alps garden at the best of times: a wheelbarrow's worth of dried manure from the farmer next door, a handful of pumpkin seeds and they grow like mad, running down the slope. This year was exceptionally dry and sunny, and the pumpkins, all 60 or so of them, loved it!

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Gardeners' autumn grasses

Early October is the perfect time to buy wild grasses because you can see what they look like at their best, with a wide range of colours, textures, shapes. This is a collection of images from an afternoon at Schilliger Garden Centre in Gland, canton Vaud, with a couple shots of grasses growing in my garden in the Alps, and mixed with dried oregano in a vase - lovely all winter!

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Paleo Festival 2009

Paleo Festival is one of Europe’s most important musical events. Hundreds of thousands of people attend the festival on a 84-hectare site in Nyon, Switzerland. See GenevaLunch coverage of Paleo Festival 2009 Enjoy the this photo blog of Paleo on 23 July 2009.

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MarketDay - 5 june 2009

Jonell Galloway, The Rambling epicure, takes us shopping in a local farmers market.

MarketDay - 28 May 2009

Jonell Galloway, The Rambling epicure, takes us shopping in a local farmers market.

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MarketDay - 6 May 2009

Jonell Galloway, The Rambling epicure, takes us shopping in a local farmers market.

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Abruzzo May 2009, Order of Malta

Photos: Gabriele Tosi, the Order of Malta. The organization is one of a small number officially involved in earthquake recovery activities in the Abruzzo region. Details:

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Farm animals run the show, June 2009

Road crossings in Etoy, free range pigs on the beach in Saint Prex, and the annual run uphill to higher pastures in the Valais Alps: the farm animals reign this week!

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La Chataigneraie, International School of Geneva, graduation 2009

The International School of Geneva's La Chataigneraie campus iin Founex, Vaud, celebrates its centenary in 2009, a backdrop for the graduation ceremonies 30 May.

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Nyon 2009

Nyon, Switzerland is one of the loveliest towns in the Lake Geneva region in Switzerland, and with nearly 20,000 people it is a rapidly growing, lively centre, especially for expatriates. Images through the seasons, starting with spring 2009.

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Versoix Switzerland Chocolate Festival 2009, Jillian Hudson

Cold and rainy weather didn't keep away 20,000 people who came to sample artisanal chocolates from Geneva, Vaud and neighbouring France!

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Obama inauguration 2009, US election 2008.

Election and inauguration, celebrated in Geneva, Switzerland

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Aliments bizarre: extreme tasting, Morges

A course in unlearning the influence of our cultures on our tastebads: wine and food matching with new perspectives

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Luminarium, Gex

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Lake Geneva weather

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St Prex Festival

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Nyon flea market

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Luminis 2007

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A Lake Geneva region collection

Photos from around the region, the little bits of news that don't usually make the front page

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L'Escalade course (Race of L'Escalade)

Friends and families gather up to first watch the more serious races, and then to run the Course de L'Escalade. A fun race where the only objective is to finish with a smile (and make others smile too).

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Chateau d'Oex ballooning 2010

The annual winter balloon festival in Chateau d'Oex, canton Vaud, Switzerland: 130 balloons from 20 countries, rising above the snowy Swiss Alps.

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