World’s largest pumpkin is Swiss

3 top places in the Swiss Pumpkin Weigh-off 2014 (photo, copyright 2014 Nicolas Zonvi)

Winner of largest Swiss pumpkin Sunday, 2nd award in 1 week ZURICH, SWITZERLAND – The world’s largest pumpkin is a record-setting 953.5 kilos and it comes from canton Zurich. The new official heavyweight was named Sunday 5 October 2014 when a pumpkin from the Jucker farm in Zurich became the largest in the national Swiss […]

Zurich’s baby elephant tumble

Dear readers, I posted this for some of you, but others haven’t seen it – the baby elephant at the Zurich zoo took a spill and landed on its back, which a visitor caught, in early August. It’s now making the rounds of UK media. If you search YouTube for baby elephant falling over, you […]

Weekend weather: perfect for tasting food, wine

Mushrooms, fruit - Wednesday morning market in Morges

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – A perfect weekend for wandering in and out of the many food and wine events throughout the country: 18-28 September is Switzerland’s Semaine du goût (La settimana del gusto, Die Genussswoche) 2014. You’ll find an explanation and list of recommendations on Ellen’s Wine World, where you can also read about concerns over […]

Long holiday weekend for most Swiss

French-Swiss border, mid-lake

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Geneva is the exception to what will be a three-day weekend for many western Swiss cantons: the Jeûne fédéral holiday is Monday. Despite its name, this is not a national holiday, but one observed by a number of cantons. It began as a day of fasting 350 years ago in canton Aargau […]

IP decisions: Google and Napster happy winners

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Google is a company, not a verb – unless you mean to google using Google. Thus spoke the US District Court for Arizona,  this week, Geneva-based IP Watch reports. The decision came in a case involving a couple who had registered 763 domain names that all included the word “google”. The court […]

Busy weekend includes book signing


Dear visitors, I’ll post a bit more news tonight and information about upcoming events, but that’s then it until Monday, with a busy wine weekend ahead of me. The launch of my book, Vineglorious! Switzerland’s Wondrous Wines, will be Saturday 6 September from 16:00 to 18:00 at the Vinea wine fair in Sierre, a major […]

Summer shows end on a high note: gear up for autumn


GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Summer has ended on a high note for festivals and shows, and now we move into the autumn season. The Dragonboat Festival organized by the English Speaking Cancer Association in Geneva to raise awareness about cancer took place Sunday, an annual event. Luna Classics festival, held for the first time in Nyon, […]

Paleo, you need this!

Putting Paleo together in a wet and muddy summer of 2014 (photo ©2014 Annie Colliard/Paleo)

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Could this really be the end of mud? Just so, at least for festival-goers, says Bern. Empa in St Gallen has developed light floor panels made from a polymer mixed with fibreglass, which can be laid over large areas. The product, developed with the firm Supramat-Swiss, could be used at outdoor festivals […]

Skating star Lambiel opens school in Alps

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Swiss skating star Stéphane Lambiel Wednesday inaugurated his artistic skating school in Champéry, in the Vaud Alps. The 30-year-old Lambiel, who holds two World Champion titles and a silver medal from the Torino Olympics, will continue to perform in Art on Ice, while training a dozen students at the new school.

And the good news is sunshine!

Walk in the Lavaux vineyards or catch music under the Luna tent or hockey on the ice rink in Geneva - head out this weekend!

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – The holidays are gradually drawing to a close, with children in Vaud and Geneva heading back to school Monday and international schools slated to start a week later. The final weekend of summer freedom for some people will be cool and mostly sunny – good weather for doing just about anything! Temperatures […]