Monkey, man and copyright: the debate in Geneva

"Macaca nigra self-portrait full body" by Self-portrait by the depicted Macaca nigra female - Daily Mail. Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons -

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND / EDITOR’S NOTEPAD – One of the most surprising digital debates of the moment is the case of photographer David Slater and a photo taken by a Macaca monkey, which became an online hit thanks to Wikimedia. Geneva-based IP Watch carries a wonderful review of the legal issues, by two lawyers, who don’t […]

House of Switzerland – sports fans are loving it

House of Switzerland: mobile, sustainable wooden structure - Zurich appearance, European Athletics Championships

ZURICH, SWITZERLAND – The House of Switzerland made its first appearance in Sochi for the Olympics, then in Milan, followed by Rio where it was used as a fan centre during the football World Cup. Its latest appearance shows growing popularity with sports fans – the sustainable architecture mobile wooden structure was in Zurich during […]

James Schiro, former Zurich head, dies

ZURICH, SWITZERLAND – James Schiro, a US citizen who was well-known in American business circles in Switzerland, has died, age 68, following an illness and surgery. Schiro was widely considered responsible for bring insurance firm Zurich back to profitability when he took over as CEO. He worked for the company from 2002 to 2009.

Swiss media headlines: floating platform, Agefi boss, US in hot seat

garden slug_140814

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Top stories in Swiss news media Thursday: Economic slowdown in France, Germany worries Swiss France’s zero economic growth and a dip of 0.2 percent in Germany is worrying the Swiss, whose biggest trading partner is Germany. Le Temps carries a lengthy analysis of the current situation. From financial to fiscal news News […]

Raiffeisen joins “big banks”

The famously red Raffeisenplatz, home to the bank's head office, in St Gallen

Cooperative now considered a bank “of systemic importance” ZURICH, SWITZERLAND – The Swiss National Bank Wednesday officially declared the Raiffeisen group to be a bank “of systemic importance” 13 August: too big to fail. It joins the country’s two largest banks, Credit Suisse and UBS, and Zürcher Kantonalbank, which in November 2013 was also named […]

Swisscom now owns

From paper phone directories to contemporary "how to find"

ZURICH, SWITZERLAND – Swisscom now owns more 90.59 percent of PubliGroupe Ltd, with the deadline expiring for the public tender offer. Close to 72 percent of the shares involved in the bid were tendered. The two companies together created, the digital Swiss directory service, and the takeover is designed to allow Swisscom to develop […]

Swiss online sales jump 3.4%

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – The World Cup provided a boost to Swiss online sales in the first half of 2014, with a total of CHF3.11 billion in merchandise by correspondence and online companies that make up 60 percent of the market. The figures were released by the Swiss correspondence sales organization ASVAD. The figures don’t include […]

Business news: Half-year reports, shares disclosure, US citizens


ZURICH, SWITZERLAND – Half-year results coming in from major Swiss-based firms 7 August: Nestlé net profits down, from CHF5.1 billion in 2013 to CHF4.6b this year. Turnover fell 4.8 percent to CHF43 billion. The weaker performance cast a shadow over the Swiss stock market Thursday morning 7 August. Zurich insurance group, profits up 14 percent […]

Swiss central bank’s profits up sharply

The meaning of the Swiss National Day - Photo Ellen Wallace

ZURICH, SWITZERLAND – The Swiss National Bank posted profits of CHF16.1 billion for the first six months of 2014. Of this, CHF12.6b was due to currency exchanges, while gains in gold valuations accounted for CHF3.5b. Gold was trading for CHF34.2 per kilogram at the end of 2013 and at June 2014 the price was CHF37.6/kg. […]

Consumer confidence stronger in June

ZURICH, SWITZERLAND – Consumer confidence rose strongly in June, from 1.80 in May to 2.06, the latest figures from bank UBS show. The figures, release 30 June, show that consumption rose during the second quarter of 2014. Retail figures for the first half of the year show the highest level of spending since 2009, a […]