Dipping chocolate: 2015 profits likely to fall


Swiss chocolate sales rose in 2014, but Swiss consumption down, imports up ZURICH, SWITZERLAND – This year will be a difficult one for Swiss chocolate-makers, with a high franc and rising prices for raw materials, notably cocoa. In addition, per capita consumption at home fell from 12 kg to 11.7 kg – and imported chocolate […]

Food safety alert: polenta

rapunzel polenta

BERN, SWITZERLAND – Swiss health authorities are alerting consumers to high levels of tropane alkaloids measured in Rapunzel brand corn polenta. Do not eat the product and return it to the store for a refund, suggests Bern. Tropane alkaloids are secondary metabolites than can cause food poisoning. They sometimes occur in foods, often grains, when […]

Good morning winter! Reconsider breakfast

Porridge and blueberries with milk, snow outside for the skiers

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Ski season is upon us, and a day on the slopes requires more energy than your day at home, in the office or at school. SwissMilk, the marketing arm of Swiss milk producers, has put together a helpful guide to a good breakfast: what makes sense and what doesn’t, for an energy-packed […]

Migros recalls possible salmonella item

BERN, SWITZERLAND – Migros is recalling mousse de s├ęsame Tahin Alnatura/Rapunzel, as is the producer, after extensive tests by the company were not able to exclude salmonella contamination. Anyone with the product is asked to return it to the store.

Swiss franc: Migros lowers euro veg, fruit prices


Largest supermarket calls on suppliers to cut prices GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Migros, the country’s largest supermarket chain, said Friday 23 January that it is lowering prices for fruits and vegetables that come from the euro zone, by 10 to 30 percent. It called on its suppliers to immediately adapt their prices to reflect the weaker […]

Lausanne schools to skip meat, fish

One day a week off, for school cafeterias LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND – Daycare centre and school cafeterias in Lausanne will have one meat- and fish-free day at week, following a vote by the city council. The motion to have a vegetarian day was presented by the Green Party and other politically Left parties, who also proposed […]

Chasselas: a great 2013 vintage, but a disastrous year

Chasselas grapes nearly ripe2_300914

Republished from ellenwine.com LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND – The weather catastrophes in 2013 left a strong mark on canton Vaud’s vineyards, and now we have the statistics from the canton to prove it. Only 21 million litres of wine were made, a 28 percent drop compared to the average for the previous 10 years, and the lowest […]

Fish might feel pain: Swiss ethics body rules


BERN, SWITZERLAND – The Swiss federal ethics commission, an independent group of experts, has issued a report with guidelines for treating fish, after studying recent research into whether or not fish feel pain. The evidence they do is not conclusive, says the group – but neither can the possibility be ruled out. As a result, […]

Weekend weather, what’s on

Schilliger18 Christmas_141114

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – November is truly upon us, with gray skies and rain, chilly but not yet cold temperatures: 6-10C, dipping to 4C Monday in the Lake Geneva area. Pre-holiday season indoor activities are building up and skating rinks are starting to open. Things happening this weekend include the Holy Trinity Christmas fair in Geneva […]

Weekend in Lake Geneva region

Montreux and Lake Geneva Friday morning 31 October

Weather forecast, mostly sunny, 4-16C GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – We’re straddling that fine line between the seasons, with warm sunny days. Golden-red leaves are still holding onto the trees and vines – but one rain or puff of strong wind and we’ll be saying winter has arrived. So don’t be surprised that the first weekend suggestion […]