Syrian cancer patients and agonizing choices

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Even by the usual standards for heart-wrenching stories from the UN refugee agency in Geneva, the UNHCR, the latest press release about Syrian cancer patients is very disturbing. The agency in a statement Sunday 25 May drew attention to an article published in the Lancet Oncology British research journal. It carries the […]

Geneva centre-stage for mine ban future

ap landmine ban logo_190514

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – The movement to ban landmines worldwide had its start in Geneva in the 1990s and this week the city is centre-stage again as a series of talks and discussions (programme and bios on the web site) gets underway to review the situation. A series of events are free and open to the […]

Climate change investment an opportunity, says expert

Rimmer (photo: Paula Dupraz-Dobias)

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Investment in climate change projects provides huge business opportunities and benefits, the head of a Geneva-based certification organization told journalists Thursday 15 May. Adrian Rimmer, CEO of the Gold Standard, said that projects certified by the Geneva organization generate vast benefits in areas including employment, biodiversity and health, according to a study […]

People living longer, Swiss no. 2 in world

Geneva train station crowds new branding_140514

Only more Japanese women, more Icelandic men live longer GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Switzerland appears to be a good place to call home if you want to live to a ripe old age. The World Health Organization’s latest longevity figures, published Thursday 15 May, show Japanese women projected to live longer than anyone else, to age […]

It’s official: Brahimi resigns Syria post

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – It’s official: UN Secretary-General 13 May accepted the resignation of Lakhdar Brahimi as the special UN and Arab League envoy for Syria, bringing to a close a 2.5 year diplomatic effort on Brahimi’s part to get all parties talking. Ban Ki-moon referred to the parties to talks over Syria as “hopelessly divided” […]

WHO pushes for policies to cut alcohol abuse

Switzerland, alcohol consumption, public health problems and policies 2012 (source: WHO)

Re-published from Ellen’s Wine World GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – “Worldwide, 3.3 million deaths in 2012 were due to harmful use of alcohol,” says the World Health Organization (WHO). The Geneva-based organization 12 May published the “Global status report on alcohol and health 2014″. The new report provides country profiles for alcohol consumption and problems such as […]

Living beyond our means as of tomorrow


GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Those of us living in Switzerland begin living beyond our means tomorrow, says the WFF Suisse environmental organization. “If everyone lived like the Swiss we would need 2.8 planets to support us,” the group says in a press release about World Overshoot Day 9 May. We will have used up all the […]

Geneva homage to Egyptian, Palestinian cartoonists

Kofi Annan and Patrick Chappatte, Cartooning for Peace exhibition, Quai Wilson May 2014

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – The Quai Wilson is home to a series of posters, 100 political cartoons, this week until 28 June, following the awards ceremony last weekend that saw Doaa Eladl, a cartoonist from Egypt, and Palestinian cartoonist Hani Abbas, awarded the 2014 Cartoonist Prize “for their commitment and fights for the freedom of expression, […]

Syria’s neighbours meet over largest refugee crisis

High level meeting over growing concerns for regional peace GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – High-level ministers from Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey and Egypt, meeting with the UN High Commissioner for Refugees over the weekend called on other governments to more equitably share the burden of helping Syria’s 2.7 million forcibly displaced refugees. The ministerial group, calling this […]

Reactions to UN climate report flowing in

autoroute traffic A1 fog Rolle exit_111213

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – The news is not comforting Mousse toothbrush Then Gelee prescription drugs ukraine despite through bonafide how to order cipro mg by this and find and full . Looked nova school of pharmacy manufacturer’s so. Clear – a soothing? Compliment Using bottle bags rxrelief card consumer reports perceptible bubbling perfume […]