Swiss will vote on doubling size of Gotthard tunnel

Gotthard tunnel traffic jam_181114

BERN, SWITZERLAND – Swiss voters will be asked, sometime after the politically sensitive parliamentary elections of 2016, to vote on doubling the Gotthard road tunnel. More than 100,000 signatures have been gathered against the proposed addition of a second tunnel for the Gotthard, which has regular tailbacks, especially during peak holiday travel periods. But a […]

Zurich news: airport closing, NZZ tussle, USA flights

Zurich airport - don't forget to charge your electronic devices!

ZURICH – Part of Zurich airport was closed briefly Monday afternoon following a “threat”, say officials, without elaborating. Charge your electronic devices! Zurich airport has had a new security policy in place since 10 October, and if you haven’t yet flown from there to the US or Canada, you should be aware of it: “Passengers […]

Touché! Add this to your Swiss clichés!

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Switzerland comes in third, after Ireland and Finland, as the country that does the world the most good. For editors and bloggers who can’t get beyond the clichés of cheese and chocolate, secret bank accounts and tax dodgers, the Good Country Index offers a chance to take a fresh look at the […]

Money-laundering bill includes Fifa, sports groups

BERN, SWITZERLAND – The Swiss parliament Friday passed a money-laundering bill that will throw a wider net in efforts to stamp out corruption. Among those now listed as “exposed persons” and subject to closer watching will be sports’ groups officials, including Fifa. The international football federation has been the target of corruption accusations at home […]

Falciani charged by Swiss attorney general

Ex-HSBC employee who stole bank records sparked Swiss-French feud BERN, SWITZERLAND – Hervé Falciani, former HSBC Geneva employee who sparked an international tax row, has been charged with theft by the Swiss Attorney General’s office, it revealed Thursday 11 December. The press release details what Falciani calls whistleblowing, with no intention of gain – but […]

Jetskis, French court says ok for Lake Geneva

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – A French court in Lyons has backed a jetski fan’s efforts to see them approved for use on Lake Geneva, but the new judicial announcement is prompting a strong reaction, reports RTS. Jetskis have been illegal on the lake, banned in 1989, but a man in Chablais has been fighting to have […]

Gov’ts agree to take in 100,000 Syrian refugees

3 / Hundreds of Syrian refugees stream across the border into Jordan at a remote border point in the east. Many people crossing the desert into eastern Jordan are forced to pay smugglers hefty sums to take them to safety. Once refugees only paid smugglers to take them from the Middle East into Europe, now they must pay just to find their way out of Syria. / UNHCR / J. Kohler

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Governments meeting in Geneva today agree to increase the number of Syrian refugees they will take in, mainly through resettlement programmes, to 100,000, up from the 62,000 places currently available. Five countries, Lebanon, Turkey, Jordan, Iraq and Egypt, today host more than 3.2 million Syrian refugees, according to the UNHCR, the UN […]

Inheritance tax proposal gets thumbs down


BERN, SWITZERLAND – The lower house of parliament has rejected a popular initiative to create a nationwide inheritance tax starting at CHF2 million. The upper house earlier voted not to support it, as well. The same arguments held sway against the proposal, which comes from the Swiss Evangelical Party. The tax is designed to solve […]

Taking a news break

Dear readers, taking a 2-day break after eye surgery today – computer ban. Back next week! Nevertheless, I will be signing books, Vineglorious! Switzerland’s Wondrous World of Wines, 6 December, Saturday 11-12:30 at Payot in Nyon, at the Migros centre near the train station. A couple ofstories you should be following: Traffic alert, Rolle to […]

Swiss guards to be “less military”

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – The “smallest army in the world” as the Swiss Guard, which guards the Vatican, is often called, will be just a little less military in the future. Pope Francis has replaced Daniel Anrig, 42 years old, as head of the guard, with a more “paternal” Christoph Graf; both are from Lucerne. As […]