Breaking news: 1 dead, 3 injured in VS avalanche

Pigne d'Arolla from the east (source: Wikipedia)

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – One person has died and three others are slightly injured, following an avalanche Friday afternoon at Pigne d’Arolla in canton Valais, in the area of Evolène. They were part of a group of seven people, five ski tourers and two guides, who left the Chanrion hut, heading for the Vignettes hut Friday […]

Alps Germanwings crash: live press conference

German co-pilot appears to have intentionally crashed plane GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – RTS is regularly updating from the live press conference with the Marseille prosecutor in charge of the Germanwings crash earlier this week, Brice Robin, in French. Details as they break from the BBC, Le Monde. Attention is now turning to understanding why the co-pilot, […]

Lutry murder: Irishman confesses to killing wife

LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND – A 49-year-old Irishman has confessed to police that he inflicted some 50 stab wounds on his wife, 46, and killed her, Monday 23 March, in Lutry’s old town. The man, whose name will not be provided or confirmed by police, was hospitalized Monday after trying to kill himself, but he was released […]

Lutry: Irish man hospitalized after wife murdered

LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND – The body of a 46-year-old woman, lying in a pool of blood, and her incoherent Irish husband, age 49, were discovered by police called to the scene of the woman’s murder, in Lutry Monday afternoon. A workman who was scheduled to do a job at Grande-rue 2, first floor, in the village […]

Lufthansa low-cost airline crash in French Alps

150 feared dead GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – A Germanwings Airbus A320 with 144 passengers and a crew of 6 on board has crashed in a remote part of the French Alps, Tuesday morning. French President François Hollande and Lufthansa CEO Carsten Spohr say they fear there are no survivors from the crash of flight 4U9525 from […]

Body found in clothes bin in Geneva

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Police have found the body of an adult man in a clothes bin in Eaux-Vives, in Geneva. They were alerted by a neighbour shortly after 07:30, police confirmed to the ats news agency. No details are available about the likely cause of death or if foul play was involved.

Switzerland, Italy share CHF12.3b in seized Mafia funds

BERN, SWITZERLAND – Switzerland and Italy will split the CHF12.3 euros in money seized by Switzerland at Italy’s request, in three criminal money laundering cases. The first case, in 2011, was against Massimo Ciancimino and his father Vito, considered to be a member of the Mafia. Palermo’s public prosecutor made the request to Swiss federal […]

Car accident scam on the rise in Vaud


LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND – Canton Vaud police warn of a scam that is on the rise: someone accuses you of causing a minor car accident, then insists you have to pay cash immediately. Several reports have come in to the police since February. The two men who appear to have done this a number of times, […]

Geneva vote recount for police reform


GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Canton Geneva’s chancellor is asking for a recount of the weekend vote on reforming the police force. Geneva voters opted for a complete overhaul of the police organization – but with only 42 more yes than no votes, the president of the electoral commission and the chancellor agreed to count all votes […]

Drones and anti-drones, the talk of Geneva

John Kerry, Human Rights Council, Geneva, 2 March 2015

Kerry-Lavrov meeting reports: hope for Ukraine solution GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – International meetings of a “sensitive” nature in Geneva and Montreux are behind a ban on drones in several parts of cantons Geneva and Vaud during the month of March. It’s the first such move, taken by the cantons with the Federal Aviation Department. Human Rights […]