A lot cookin’ this weekend (besides you)


GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Hot, hot and hotter – again. MeteoSwiss today issued a series of new heat wave warnings for the plains in the west and much of the Alps, with temperatures expected to stay well above 30C for most of the coming week. Late Friday and Sunday we might have a bit of rain […]

Solar Impulse: they did it!

Solar Impulse heads in for a landing in Hawaii early Friday 3 July 2015

Borschberg, exhausted, climbs out of plane in Hawaii GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Solar Impulse landed in Kalaeloa, near Honolulu, Hawaii shortly before 06:00 Friday 3 July, ending a record-breaking and historic flight from Japan to Hawaii. It is the longest flight ever fueled only by solar power. It is also the longest any one individual has […]

Solar Impulse flies on: sets world records

André Borschberg gives a thumbs-up after news that he's set new world records in Solar Impulse

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – André Borschberg continues to fly to Hawaii while the rest of us wonder how anyone can stay awake enough to fly a plane for five days straight. But this much is clear: he has been given a boost by knowing that he is setting new world records. Solar Impulse, the plane he […]

Solar Impulse leaves Japan for Hawaii

Solar Impulse Final Leg Flight WashingtonDC NewYork

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Solar Impulse, the solar-only powered airplane, left Nagoya, Japan, at 19:00 Swiss time, 03:00 local time, for its flight to Hawaii. The plane was scheduled to leave last week, after an earlier postponement but had to delay at the last minute due to poor weather. The news about the takeoff has been […]

Swiss news roundup: terrorism, refugees, vertical racing, park murder

Croze vertical race (photo, Shirley Curran)

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Top of the regional news is the ghastly terrorist attack in Lyons, possibly linked to others today on a crowded beach in Tunisia and at a mosque in Kuwait. Refugee funding gap – serious and immediate consequences Le Temps reports that UNHCR, the refugee agency based in Geneva, is moving another 100 […]

Swiss reliance on oil heating too high

Flag snapping in the breeze at this old farmouse in the village centre; 30 years ago there were still cows living here

WWF says Swiss are worst in class, Germany follows BERN, SWITZERLAND – Switzerland must cut its reliance on oil heating, with the highest rate of use in Europe says conservation group WWF Switzerland. Oil heating is the dirtiest of our heating options, according to the group, 10 times worse than heat pumps, for example. Some […]

Best review of Cern’s new round

Photo, Cern: Protons collide at 13 TeV sending showers of particles through the CMS detector (Image: CMS)

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Cern’s LHC (Large Hadron Collider) began its new three-year round of proton smashing 3 June, using a record energy of 13 teraelectronvolts (TeV) to achieve nearly double the rate of what the world’s faster collider was already doing. The news has made headlines around the world. The journal Nature provides perhaps the […]

Solar Impulse forced to land by bad weather

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Solar Impulse’s dream of flying non-stop from Nanjing, China to Hawaii were dampened by unexpectedly poor weather Monday, forcing the plane to land in Nagoya, Japan. A cold front developing en route was the immediate cause of the problem, which could have an impact on the plane’s ability to collect and store […]

Solar Impulse begins perilous journey to Hawaii

Solar Impulse last week in a test flight over Abu Dhabi (photo, Solar Impulse)

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Solar Impulse has taken off from Nanjing, China for Hawaii, the 7th flight for the Swiss solar-powered plane and the most perilous to date. The plane, which has the wingspan of a jumbo airplane, but which is about the size of a car, left China Saturday evening. Pilot André Borschberg is attempting […]

News roundup: Cern, murder, gorillas, hockey kids

Mother gorilla Joas and baby, 21 May 2015 in Basel (photo: Basel Zoo)

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Catching up after a bout of the flu picked up in Portugal; join me for my news roundup: Cern still has time for physics awe Cern made world headlines at the end of last week with its latest LHC news: the first particle-particle collisions at the new speed, an essential step as […]