Weather forecasts, climate predictions come together


GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – One thousand world specialists in the two fields of meteorology (weather) and climate change met in Montreal, Canada 16 to 21 August for the first World Weather Open Science conference. The meeting was designed to advance the use of science in the field of weather forecasting, but it also underscored a significant […]

Geneva: gale warnings, Zurich: steady rain

Zurich rooftops, Seefeld area, steady rain falling

Weather forecast everywhere is damp, damp, damp GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – The weather forecasters are handing us a package of rain and more rain for the rest of the week and through the weekend. Zurich’s European Athletics Championships are getting a drenching and MeteoSwiss has just issued gale warnings (winds under 100kph) for Geneva, but not […]

Super moon offers bright spot during damp summer

Supermoon over Turtmann and St Luc, canton Valais

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – The super moon (perigee) that appeared Sunday to Monday night before a fresh pack of rain clouds hid it, was one of those that appears larger than usual because the Earth and the moon are closer together. The moon was 357,000 kilometres away last night, compared to the more normal 384,400 km, […]

News roundup: damp days, fireworks, festivals, runners


GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – The Fêtes de Genève/Geneva Festival is in full swing, with sunshine back on the agenda. If you haven’t yet visited the Luminarium, be sure to do so – walk through a bit of pure magic with light and colour. The big fireworks display is Saturday 9 August at 22:00, with a theme […]

Swiss environmental impact abroad rising


BERN, SWITZERLAND – The good news is that Swiss consumers have significantly reduced their environmental impact in recent years. The bad news is that it’s being exported to others countries. A study by the federal government, released 29 July, shows that between 1996 and 2011 the environmental impact of Swiss consumers on the environment outside […]

California beach hit by lightning – know the basics

Rainy weather and thunderstorms, common in Switzerland in July

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND / EDITOR’S NOTEPAD – One person has died and several people were injured, one critically, when four separate direct lightning strikes hit a crowded beach at Venice Beach in California Sunday afternoon. Police estimate that 20,000 people were on the beach near Los Angeles when unusual conditions created a sudden thunderstorm that lasted […]

Rain and more rain on the way

Rain en route, Valais, noon Monday

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – If you haven’t been outside yet today, go now! The forecast for all of Switzerland is for rain and more rain starting this afternoon or evening and continuing until Thursday, with very heavy showers due Wednesday. In Valais this morning the sun was shining and temperatures were perfect – but big billowing […]

Heavy storm warnings from Geneva to Aigle


GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Police and the national weather service, MeteoSwiss, are issuing gale and heavy storm warning for the area around Lake Geneva, from Geneva to Aigle in canton Vaud. The warnings are in effect from 20:00 in Vaud and from 21:00 in Geneva, until 09:00 Sunday morning. Gusts, hail and heavy rain are possible […]

Super Zapper Me: Apple, Swatch, are you listening?

Smart watchmakers, don't underestimate people who've already trained their brains to work with computers in their ears and bifocal contact lenses in their eyes

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Airports of the world, I hope you’re ready for my baby boom generation. Here we come, zapping and clicking away at our electronically controlled body parts and accoutrements. We travel a lot and we’re about to have more electronic stuff on us than any young geek. There is a lot of buzz […]

Solar Impulse 2 flying this morning!

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – You can watch and track the maiden flight of Solar Impulse 2, the plane that will attempt to fly around the world on solar power only. It took off for its test flight early this morning in Payerne, canton Vaud.