EPFL shifts energy risk calculations with new tool

Solar panel park being installed on rooftops at EPFL in Lausanne

Calculator reduces guesswork for future energy use LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND – The EPFL polytechnic Monday introduced its new information platform on energy transition. “In particular, it proposes a national energy calculator to develop scenarios for Switzerland’s energy future,” the university says in a press release issued Monday 13 April. The new web site, Swiss-Energyscope, went online […]

LHC restarts after 2-year pause (update)

Aerial view Cern - Photo Cern

Cern: Large Hadron Collider receiving particle beams GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – The LHC is up and running again, with much excitement at Geneva-based Cern, as the first particles begin to move through the system.  Follow the live blog; the first beam was about halfway around the circuit at noon, having started near the home of the […]

Solar Impulse on hardest journey to date

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Shortly after 10:00 this morning Solar Impulse noted that pilot Bertrand Piccard was over fabled Chinese flower centre Kunming, en route from Mandaley in Myanmar to Chongqing. Piccard today is facing the most difficult challenge yet for the solar airplane on its round-the-world flight: 19 hours of flying time, 1,375 kilometres. The […]

Weather, A9 roadworks, accidents – slow start to Monday

rainy day view Val dAnniviers_290315

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Students and workers suffered a slow start Monday morning as roadworks and weather, coupled with accidents, took their toll in Switzerland. Several parts of the country were swept by high winds, with Säntis recording gusts up to 141 kph, in central Switzerland. Heavy rainfall is predicted for the first half of the […]

Put the clock on your calendar

ZURICH, SWITZERLAND – A reminder that we move to summer time Sunday 28 March at 02:00. We push forward our clocks, by one hour. Put it on your calendar now!

Solar flights, the eclipse and the equinox

At 10:00, the light is already eerie from the solar eclipse, which will be about 75% half an hour later

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – A reminder that the partial solar eclipse today began at 09:25 in western Switzerland and will last for a little over two hours. The maximum, when the sun is about 75% hidden by the moon, will be from 10:30 to 10:36. Do wear special eclipse protection glasses if you’re planning to observe […]

Pollution level rises, Geneva speeds drop


GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Allow more time to drive around Geneva on its ring road, where authorities have just put the speed limit down to 80 kph due to pollution levels. Monday the lower speed was recommending but Tuesday it was officially restricted, as fine particles in the air reached 50 micrograms per cubic metre. Geneva […]

Solar eclipse Friday: health warnings


BERN, SWITZERLAND – Switzerland will be able to view a partial solar eclipse starting at about 9:30 Friday 20 March, weather permitting. Federal health authorities are reminding people of the importance of taking safety measures. Do not look at the sun, even during an eclipse, without special glasses that you can obtain in pharmacies. Cardboard […]

EPFL researchers caution over antiobiotics

More study into impact on cell mitochondria (“powerhouses”) called for LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND – Researchers at Swiss and Dutch universities are calling on fellow scientists to look more deeply into the impact of a group of antibiotics on our cell mitochondria – cells’ “powerhouses”. Tetracyclines, widespread, should be used with greater caution, according to a report […]

Solar Impulse silver coin issued

solar impulse 2 coins

BERN, SWITZERLAND – The Swiss government unveiled a commemorative CHF20 silver coin for Solar Impulse’s maiden round-the-world flight, Monday 9 March. The coins can be ordered online and serve as regular currency. The airplane took off from Abu Dhabi Monday on the first leg of its flight around the globe, using only solar power.