Solar Impulse 2 flying this morning!

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – You can watch and track the maiden flight of Solar Impulse 2, the plane that will attempt to fly around the world on solar power only. It took off for its test flight early this morning in Payerne, canton Vaud.

How well do you know your moon phases?

Pre-dawn moonrise, waning moon, over the Swiss-Italian Alps and the Rhone river, canton Valais

This is a good time to remind yourself what the difference is between waxing and waning moons, and everything in between. Early Sunday, at 04:40, I took photos of the waning crescent moon over the Rhone River and the Swiss-Italian Alps. Check here and you’ll see that the next phase is a new moon, followed […]

The bilingual brain is flexible, adaptable

bilingual milk

BERN, SWITZERLAND – Researchers at the University of Fribourg have shown that a bilingual person’s two languages, if they carry more or less equal weight, resist equally to the onset of Alzheimer’s. Their findings in a series of three related studies, could have therapeutic value for finding strategies for patients with aphasia (language impairment) and […]

Love a mountain hut? Tell Google

Google Street View filming a Swiss Alpine trail

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Google Street View and the Club Alpin Suisse (CAS) are working together to film the routes up to a number of Swiss Alpine huts. If you have a favourite, you have until the end of May to tell them: the hut voted the most popular will be the first one filmed and […]

Living beyond our means as of tomorrow


GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Those of us living in Switzerland begin living beyond our means tomorrow, says the WFF Suisse environmental organization. “If everyone lived like the Swiss we would need 2.8 planets to support us,” the group says in a press release about World Overshoot Day 9 May. We will have used up all the […]

New sponge offers hope for oil spill cleanup (update)

empa nano sponge oil spills_070514

Correction: The final version of this article, with Exxon and BP spill dates corrected, was accidentally replaced by an earlier version; this has now been corrected. Apologies for the error. ZURICH, SWITZERLAND – Swiss researchers at Empa in St Gallen have created a chemically modified nanocellulose sponge to provide a relatively simple solution to cleaning […]

Weekend weather forecast for runners, skiers

fruit trees near Sion in canton Valais were at least two weeks early, in full bloom 5 April 2014

April in Switzerland was too dry, says national weather service GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Rain that was badly needed in Switzerland has been falling steadily this week but the weather people have good news for the weekend. Forecast for PDG and Geneva Marathon Temperatures will start to rise again Saturday with mixed sunshine and overcast skies; […]

Zurich study shows impact of trauma inherited

The consequences of traumatic experiences can be passed on from one generation to the next. (Photo: Isabelle Mansuy / UZH / ETH Zurich)

ZURICH, SWITZERLAND – The fallout from traumatic experiences, including changes in insulin and lower blood sugar levels, is not limited to the person directly affected, but passed on genetically to the next and even a third generation. A study carried Hips to! See trash with flat product. Products, version grifulvin v 500 mg ve […]

Basel U succeeds with handmade noses

nose laboratory cartilage Basel_110414

BASEL, SWITZERLAND – Researchers at the University of Basel have succeeded in growing cartilage to make human noses for reconstructive surgery. The team built noses for five people who had severe defects after nose surgery for skin cancer. One year after the patients, ages 76 to 88, received their new noses, they reported they had […]

EPFL SwissTech Convention Centre opens

EPFL conference centre exterior architectdrawing_0304

Latest in impressive architectural additions to Lausanne campus LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND – The EPFL can boast yet another noteworthy architectural work, with the official opening 3 April of the SwissTech Convention Centre on the school’s main campus in Lausanne. It’s hard to know whether to first praise the high-tech fittings or the business acumen that has […]