Zurich study shows impact of trauma inherited

The consequences of traumatic experiences can be passed on from one generation to the next. (Photo: Isabelle Mansuy / UZH / ETH Zurich)

ZURICH, SWITZERLAND – The fallout from traumatic experiences, including changes in insulin and lower blood sugar levels, is not limited to the person directly affected, but passed on genetically to the next and even a third generation. A  study carried out by ETH Zurich and the University of Zurich has found the culprit, short RNAs, […]

Basel U succeeds with handmade noses

nose laboratory cartilage Basel_110414

BASEL, SWITZERLAND – Researchers at the University of Basel have succeeded in growing cartilage to make human noses for reconstructive surgery. The team built noses for five people who had severe defects after nose surgery for skin cancer. One year after the patients, ages 76 to 88, received their new noses, they reported they had […]

EPFL SwissTech Convention Centre opens

EPFL conference centre exterior architectdrawing_0304

Latest in impressive architectural additions to Lausanne campus LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND – The EPFL can boast yet another noteworthy architectural work, with the official opening 3 April of the SwissTech Convention Centre on the school’s main campus in Lausanne. It’s hard to know whether to first praise the high-tech fittings or the business acumen that has […]

Le Temps newspaper’s future, bid by friends

Le Temps, a bid offered

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Le Temps, widely considered one of Switzerland’s best newspapers, has been operating under a shadow for months, since joint owners Tamedia and Ringier said they wanted to sell it. Several offers were mentioned in the weeks following the announcement by Switzerland’s two largest news media publishers, but none of them resulted in […]

Villeneuve bridge over A1 demolished, video

Villeneuve A9 bridge demolition

LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND – The old bridge over the A9 autoroute at the Vennes junction was destroyed this week in less than 36 hours, all while the 7,300 users per  hour continued to drive on the road. Watch a time lapse video of the demolition. The demolition used a technique called “croquage” in French, where machines […]

Air pollution causes 1 in 8 deaths says WHO


GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Air pollution is the world’s largest single environmental health risk, killing 7 million people a year, the World Health Organization said Tuesday 25 March. The Geneva-based organization released new data showing that in 2012 one in eight of total global deaths were the result of air pollution exposure. Indoor and outdoor pollution […]

Bye-bye analog phones

telephone analogue plug Switzerland 1986

BERN, SWITZERLAND – Some two million Swisscom telephone users who still have analog phones will have to make the switch to Internet-based telephone service by 2017. The country’s largest telecoms provider said Tuesday 18 March that it will end its analog service in three years. Telephone service is the only one of the services offered […]

Techy and blue: Geneva Motor Show highlights

Geneva motor show36_050314.jpg

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Let the fun begin! The Geneva International Motor Show opens officially to the public today and runs from 6 to 16 March. Logistics: road, rail, tickets The 700,000 expected visitors were already packing the autoroutes and trains heading into Geneva Wednesday: expect to spend a little extra time on the road this […]

EPFL joins top 50 Times Higher Ed list

Screen Shot 2014-03-06 at 10.19.07

  GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – The UK’s Times Higher Education (THE) world reputational rankings, released 6 March for 2014, now include two Swiss universities in the top 50. The EFPL has joined Zurich’s federal polytechnic, ETH. The EPFL slipped into the top 50 for the first time while ETH Zurich moved up from 20th to 16th […]

Le Temps newspaper bids fall through

Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 14.05.39

Friends group tries to put together bid GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – French-speaking Switzerland’s main quality newspaper, Le Temps, has seen four offers from outsiders fall through since its owners announced in mid-2013 that the newspaper is for sale. This week a fifth group announced it is trying to put together a bid: le Cercle des amis […]