Weekend headlines: tennis, plane crash, climbing death

Triftgletscher accident scene

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Swiss weekend news: Federer neatly disposes of Djokovic Swiss tennis star Roger Federer is having a good week, returning to the world rankings no. 2 slot after beating Novak Djokovic Sunday night in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA 6-7, 3-6. The win also gave him his 7th title in the city. Friday night he […]

Saturday by Ian McEwan

McEwan Saturday 001

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND / BOOK MY PLACE – At the start of Saturday, Henry Perowne, a neurosurgeon, is at the window during the night, gazing at a sleeping London when he witnesses the passage of an aircraft, on fire on its way to Heathrow. We follow him through his day, hearing his thoughts, memories of his […]

Lake Geneva’s many rainy day faces

Lake Geneva12_160815

Lake Geneva under changing skies, a photo montage from a steamboat crossing.

Busy autumn for events in region

A highlight of the English events for the book fair: a Lake Geneva cruise with short readings by 10 regional authors

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND / EDITOR’S NOTEPAD – Summer festivals are over, but with school starting next week in Vaud and Geneva it is time for a series of popular autumn events. Please note that I am no longer updating the GenevaLunch events calendar, which will soon disappear from the site. I will occasionally feature a group […]

Lausanne-Villeneuve rail line: night buses to run

Evening train, St Saphorin, on the Lausanne-Villeneuve line along the lakefront

LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND – Repairs on the Lausanne-Villeneuve rail line will mean buses rather than trains in the evening for the next four months, says the CFF rail company. Travelers should expect longer journeys as a result. The works begin 24 August and will finish 4 December, Monday to Friday with the exception of 21 September, […]

UN refugee agency “welcomes” Calais agreement

Days before the sudden influx, monitors reported that people were arriving by bus and setting up makeshift camps on the Syrian side of the Peshkhabour border crossing.  UNHCR / G. Gubaeva

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – British and French authorities will be working with humanitarian agencies as their new joint deal to address the tense situation in Calais, France takes effect. António Guterres, head of the UNHCR, the Geneva-based UN refugee agency, says he welcomes the agreement: “I welcome in particular the humanitarian and protection elements of the […]

Recognize small strokes

Warning signs for strokes (source: Stroke Association, USA)

A new survey shows that a majority of Swiss physicians recognize early possible stroke signs for what they are, but a key factor in treatment before a major stroke is recognizing TIA (transient ischemic attacks). These are small stroke-like medical events that are often precursors to a major stroke, and they may be as short […]

Police nab trio of Vevey wannabe jewelry thieves

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – A Vevey jewelry shop owner and his daughter were treated for injuries after three armed thieves hit them during an attempted robbery Tuesday 17 August, about 19:45. One of the thieves was caught quickly by police as the trio fled towards the nearby train station, thanks to quick action from the son […]

Those autoroute vignette prices again


BERN, SWITZERLAND / EDITOR’S NOTEPAD – Everyone except non-drivers seems to agree that Swiss roads should be maintained, but how to pay for it keeps returning for debate. Voters last year rejected the Federal Council’s proposal to increase the price of autoroute stickers, but do expect that topic to come up again, and soon. This […]

Matisse exhibit pulls crowds (travel)

Matisse Martigny8_150815

Matisse the master, with his friends GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – The Gianadda Foundation in Martigny is pulling in crowds for its major 2015 exhibition, “Matisse in his time“, a very accessible art show for all levels. The collection of art is wonderful, from Swiss public and private collectors and the Paris Pompidou Centre. The art centre […]