Payot changes Geneva’s bookscape


City-centre store with 4 floors, café, large English section GENEVA, SWITZERLAND / EDITOR’S NOTEPAD – Geneva has just been endowed with its own version of a mega bookstore, with the grand opening this weekend of the new Payot in the city centre. The bookstore closed two shops, at Chantepoulet and rue du Marché, combining them […]

Brunel The Man Who Built the World

Brunel 001

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND / BOOK MY PLACE – This gifted son of the man who designed the first Thames tunnel revolutionised engineering [More] …

Body found in clothes bin in Geneva

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Police have found the body of an adult man in a clothes bin in Eaux-Vives, in Geneva. They were alerted by a neighbour shortly after 07:30, police confirmed to the ats news agency. No details are available about the likely cause of death or if foul play was involved.

Netanyahu’s position (Chappatte cartoon)

Netanyahu's position Chappatte cartoon_210315

©2015 Chappatte, distributed by Globe Cartoon. More cartoons on Chappatte’s web site. Geneva-based Patrick Chappatte works for the International New York Times, for Geneva newspaper Le Temps, and for NZZ am Sonntag. All cartoons reproduced with permission.

News roundup: banker pay, ski star, Geneva clubs, watches

Skier Dominique Gisin, tennis player Roger Federer: 2014 Swiss Sports Awards top athletes

Geneva’s bars, clubs, cafés get later hours GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Let the party roll! Geneva’s politicians have decided to let the city dance and party until the wee hours on weekends and pre-holiday nights. The new hours, from 15:00-08:00, are designed to reduce the problem of noise in the street when clubs close earlier, in […]

Swiss-European tax info swap in 2018


GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – The European Union and Switzerland initialed an agreement 19 March that will put information swaps for tax purposes into effect by 2018. The actual data exchange will begin in 2017. In a statement Bern notes: “The agreement on the automatic exchange of information (AEOI) in tax matters will replace the taxation of […]

UN gets new web page, whew

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND / EDITOR’S NOTEPAD – It’s rare for a new web page to be newsworthy, but the UN’s new web page is such a marked departure from the old one, which felt like it was created before the internet iself, that it’s worth encouraging you to take a look. You can find things and […]

Solar flights, the eclipse and the equinox

At 10:00, the light is already eerie from the solar eclipse, which will be about 75% half an hour later

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – A reminder that the partial solar eclipse today began at 09:25 in western Switzerland and will last for a little over two hours. The maximum, when the sun is about 75% hidden by the moon, will be from 10:30 to 10:36. Do wear special eclipse protection glasses if you’re planning to observe […]

Crossword No 251 by Chalicea

No 250 solution

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND / BOOK MY PLACE – 22 Memorial in Trafalgar Square London (7,6) [More] …

Bern lowers GDP forecast slightly

Hybridlok Eem 923

Swiss economy to dip to 0.9, then 1.8% growth BERN, SWITZERLAND – The federal government’s Expert Group, in its quarterly economic forecast, said 19 March that it expects the Swiss economy to dip, but only slightly, to 0.9% growth this year and 1.8% in 2016. The impact of the end to the cap on the […]