2 men die in area accidents

LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND – Two young men have died in accidents in the area, one in a fall in the stairwell of a bar, the other by drowning, near Montreux. A 30-year-old man who lives in near Neuchatel died in hospital, where he was taken over the weekend after falling in the stairwell of a local […]

Ferguson and race in America

Ferguson and race in America Chappatte_200814

©2014 Chappatte, distributed by Globe Cartoon. More cartoons on Chappatte’s web site. Geneva-based Patrick Chappatte works for the International New York Times, for Geneva newspaper Le Temps, and for NZZ am Sonntag. All cartoons reproduced with permission.

James Schiro, former Zurich head, dies

ZURICH, SWITZERLAND – James Schiro, a US citizen who was well-known in American business circles in Switzerland, has died, age 68, following an illness and surgery. Schiro was widely considered responsible for bring insurance firm Zurich back to profitability when he took over as CEO. He worked for the company from 2002 to 2009.

Record number humanitarian workers victims of violence

Days before the sudden influx, monitors reported that people were arriving by bus and setting up makeshift camps on the Syrian side of the Peshkhabour border crossing.  UNHCR / G. Gubaeva

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Humanitarian workers appear to be at growing risk in several parts of the world, based on figures being released today by the United Nations, with 460 people victims of violence in the line of work in 2013. In 2012, the figure was 274. The figures include deaths, injuries and kidnappings for the […]

Man overboard near Montreux: body not found

LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND – A 70-year-old Swiss man was swept overboard during a sailing regatta Saturday and despite an intensive search, his body has not yet been recovered. The accident occurred Saturday at 15:30 near Montreux, when the man, who lives abroad, was on a small craft with one teammate, on the Montreux-Meillerie leg of the […]

Brits shine in Zurich, Federer in Ohio

Heron fishing in the Limmat in Zurich, near Europaallee

ZURICH, SWITZERLAND – British athletes put on a fine show in Zurich at the European Athletics Championships, which ended Sunday night, with a string of five gold medals. Leading the pack was Mo Farah’s 5,000 metre comeback following an illness earlier in the year. The British won a packet of other medals that put them […]

I Used to Know That

Things you forgot 001

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND / BOOK MY PLACE – We enjoy watching University Challenge on Monday evenings and I am struck, more and more often by the fact that the questions Jeremy Paxman fires at the teams are truly basic knowledge [More] …

Crossword No 221 by Chalicea

No 221

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND / BOOK MY PLACE – 4/22 Site of one of London’s most famous theatres (5,4) [More] …

Mini-scooters, bike-taxis: hearings on cycling lanes use

BERN, SWITZERLAND – The Federal Roads Office has opened hearings on expanding the use of cycling lanes to electric mini-scooters and rickshaws, with the public able to comment until November. Six new ordinances would allow adults to use the cycling lanes freely, with some license restrictions, and 14- to 16-year-olds as long as they have […]

Geneva Rhone takes 2 lives in 3 weeks


N African jumps into river in Geneva to escape police GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – A North African man in his 30s died about 21:30 Wednesday after he was pulled unconscious and chilled from the Rhone in Geneva. The man, apparently living in the city for some time without papers, jumped into the Rhone Wednesday to escape […]