Swiss franc: Migros lowers euro veg, fruit prices


Largest supermarket calls on suppliers to cut prices GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Migros, the country’s largest supermarket chain, said Friday 23 January that it is lowering prices for fruits and vegetables that come from the euro zone, by 10 to 30 percent. It called on its suppliers to immediately adapt their prices to reflect the weaker […]

Federer bows out of Melbourne

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Italy’s tennisman Andreas Seppi broke his 10-game losing streak against Roger Federer early Friday morning Swiss time, at the Melbourne Open. ATP on its site writes: “In a stunning performance, World No. 46 Seppi recorded one of his greatest victories to knock out second seed and four-time former champion Roger Federer 6-4, […]

Saudi king dies

Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah with US Secretary of State John Kerry (left), in June 2014, in Saudi Arabia (photo, US State Dept)

Longtime links to Geneva GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Saudi Arabia’s KingAbdullah bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud, 91, has died, succeeded by Salmane Ben Abdel Aziz as head of the world’s leading oil-producing country by his brother. Background story, AP news agency King Abdullah died in the early hours of Friday, local time. He had been hospitalized with pneumonia […]

Crossword No 243 by Chalicea

No 242 solution grid

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND / BOOK MY PLACE – Industrial city and port in southwestern England [Mor] …

Thieves pinch CHF10,000 from elderly woman

Money changed to euros 20 minutes later GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Police in Geneva have arrested a man and a woman, ages 26 and 32, who are accused of robbing an 85-year-old woman of CHF10,000 shortly after she took it out of a bank. The pair deny the charges. Police say the woman reported her loss […]

Swiss central bank: CHF100 b in January if peg not stopped

ZURICH, SWITZERLAND – The Swiss National Bank would have had to spend CHF100 billion in January alone to protect the franc, if its peg to the euro had not ended, a member of the central bank’s board told Swiss German media Blick. Fritz Zurbrügg told the magazine that in the days running up to the […]

WHO reports on why W Africa hit by Ebola

World Health Organization publishes 14 papers on Ebola GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – The World Health Organization this week is publishing 14 papers that together provide a good overview of Ebola, marking the first year since the disease made an extraordinary entrance onto the world stage, with a major flareup in West Africa. “The papers explore reasons […]

Men, take heart from the Seahorse

Seahorses mating in Basel

BASEL, SWITZERLAND – Many of us fret over those post-holiday extra kilos, including men. In the colourful world of seahorses, this isn’t a problem. Female seahorses find the males with the biggest tummies the most attractive, so during the mating season, which is now, the males do their best to gloat about their bloat. You […]

World banking grew in Q3, except emerging markets

BASEL, SWITZERLAND – The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) said Wednesday that global banking activity expanded by $493 billion in the third quarter of 2014, for an annual growth rate of about 5 percent at end-September 2014, up from 1% at end-June 2014. The BIS noted that “The increase in cross-border bank lending was concentrated […]

China, Switzerland sign MOU on renminbi


Swiss Bankers Association happy with the new deal BERN, SWITZERLAND – Switzerland and China Wednesday 21 January signed an agreement that will make Switzerland a hub for renminbi trading. The country joins a handful of others accepted by China as trading centres for its currency. The Swiss Bankers Association promptly issued a statement supporting the […]