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Weekend road accidents kill 2, injure 3

Police seek driver of car passed by motorcycle, in Lausanne accident GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – A man was killed late Friday near Villeneuve when a car in which he was a passenger skidded off the road and overturned, and a young motorcyclist was killed and three others injured in the centre of Lausanne in the early […]

Anti-poverty candles lit in 121 Swiss cities

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Saturday night saw 121 Swiss towns and cities lighting candles in recognition of poverty that must be eradicated. It was the 10th year for the event, organized by Caritas, which collected funds to help Switzerland’s 260,000 children who live in poverty. The “million stars” project also had some 6,000 people who had […]

Touché! Add this to your Swiss clichés!

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Switzerland comes in third, after Ireland and Finland, as the country that does the world the most good. For editors and bloggers who can’t get beyond the clichés of cheese and chocolate, secret bank accounts and tax dodgers, the Good Country Index offers a chance to take a fresh look at the […]

Money-laundering bill includes Fifa, sports groups

BERN, SWITZERLAND – The Swiss parliament Friday passed a money-laundering bill that will throw a wider net in efforts to stamp out corruption. Among those now listed as “exposed persons” and subject to closer watching will be sports’ groups officials, including Fifa. The international football federation has been the target of corruption accusations at home […]

JPEG on the beautiful future of images

Touradj Ebrahimi, EPFL professor and president of JPEG (photo, ©2014 Alain Herzog/EFPL)

LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND – Touradj Ebrahimi, professor at EPFL in Lausanne, has just been named president of JPEG – that’s right, it’s an organization, not just a photo format. Photographers and designers are so familiar with JPEG (aka JPG), the world’s most popular image format, that we’re likely to forget there is an organization – and […]

Cryptic Crossword No 238 by Chalicea

No 237 solution

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND / BOOK MY PLACE – Ten solutions contain the same short word (at the beginning, in the body or at the end of the word) which is present in the definition part of the clue but not included in the wordplay. [More] …

HUG suspends Ebola trials

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – The Ebola trials at the University Hospitals (HUG) in Geneva have been suspended, with plans to start them again in January. The HUG said in a statement 11 December that arthritis-like pain in hands and other joints have been experienced by four of the volunteers, and the situation needs further review. Symptoms […]

No, our water doesn’t come from Chury


BERN, SWITZERLAND – Asteroids, and not comets, most likely delivered water to our planet, say researchers at the University of Bern. The team, working with groups from the US and France, have determined that the source of water on planet Earth is not comets, notably Chury type comets, using data from the Rosetta space mission. […]

It’s the Escalade! Watch out for pedestrians


GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – The annual Escalade parade, with 1,000 people taking part, is Friday 12 December from 09:00-13:00. Police in Geneva are warning drivers about possible traffic jams and rerouting; they should be on the lookout for traffic wardens giving directions. The Escalade is Geneva’s commemoration of the day in 1602 when citizens pushed back […]

Falciani charged by Swiss attorney general

Ex-HSBC employee who stole bank records sparked Swiss-French feud BERN, SWITZERLAND – Hervé Falciani, former HSBC Geneva employee who sparked an international tax row, has been charged with theft by the Swiss Attorney General’s office, it revealed Thursday 11 December. The press release details what Falciani calls whistleblowing, with no intention of gain – but […]