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Driver stopped near Sion: 3.38 alcohol level

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – A driver was found to have an alcohol level of 3.38 when he was stopped during a routine traffic control in Grimisuat, above Sion in canton Valais, at 17:00 Monday. The legal limit for drinking and driving in Switzerland is 0.05%. The driver showed clear signs of inebriation, say Valais police, and […]

WHO pushes for policies to cut alcohol abuse

Switzerland, alcohol consumption, public health problems and policies 2012 (source: WHO)

Re-published from Ellen’s Wine World GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – “Worldwide, 3.3 million deaths in 2012 were due to harmful use of alcohol,” says the World Health Organization (WHO). The Geneva-based organization 12 May published the “Global status report on alcohol and health 2014″. The new report provides country profiles for alcohol consumption and problems such as […]

Alcohol plays big role in domestic violence


BERN, SWITZERLAND – For nearly half of all couples touched by conjugal violence, alcohol is a factor, a new study mandated by the Federal Health Office shows. In 9 out of 10 cases, it is the man who is drinking, and in 1 in 4 situations alcohol was drunk at the time of the violence. […]

Man found under railway with 4.9/1,000 alcohol level

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – A 35-year-old Swiss man with blood from two cuts on his forehead was found by police in a railway underpass near Basel with a blood alcohol level of 4.9 per 1,000, a rate at which there is a high risk of poisoning and even death from alcohol. He managed to stagger to […]

Sports, football: alcohol bans and combined match/train tickets likely

Geneva-Servette Hockey Club training, October 2010

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Swiss cantons are getting tougher on football and ice hockey matches to reduce the amount of hooliganism linked to the sports. The group of police and justice departments of all Swiss cantons, the CCDJP, said in a statement Tuesday 20 November that they have adopted a series of recommendations, to start in […]

Bound to get us talking: red wine minus alcohol could lower blood pressure

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – New research to try to better understand the source of the beneficial aspects in red wine appears to show, at least for men with high blood pressure, that alcohol-free red wine could offer help. The results of the Barcelona-based research were published Friday 7 September in the American Heart Association journal Circulation […]

Lausanne’s summer could heat up over night alcohol sales ban

LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND – Lausanne’s city council is likely to have a heated debate this month over curbing alcohol sales, as police deal with a growing number of fights outside the city’s nightclubs at closing time. Swiss journalists who have been interviewing numerous politicians and police officers are seeing a growing concern over cheap booze sold […]

Cryptic Crossword No 104, Alcohol Supplier by Chalicea

Should you wish to work on the interactive version, click on this LINK that will take you to the Crossword Compiler website. Six solutions (one of two words) are 13s. There is no word play in those clues. Across  1  By a whit, regularly producing 100 satangs (4) 3  Chinese game of mum, with John, […]

New Swiss alcohol law: 10pm shop limit, stricter ads, cheaper non-alcohol drinks

BERN, SWITZERLAND –  The Swiss Federal Council unveiled two proposed new alcohol laws, one designed to reduce abusive consumption, Friday 27 January. Key points: no sales in shops or for carryout after 22:00, stricter advertising laws that will include online and mobile advertising, and a wider, cheaper range of non-alcoholic drinks aimed at the younger […]

Lethal alcohol kills 126 in India

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Illegal and poisonous alcohol has killed 126 people in West Bengal in India and 100 are hospitalized. Seventy of those are in critical condition, and there are fears the death toll could jump. Seven people have been arrested. The deaths have occurred in Sangrampur, Magrahat, Usthi and Mandirbazar areas, according to the […]