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More accurate pollen maps from MeteoSwiss

By G.-U. Tolkiehn (Own work) [GFDL, CC-BY-SA-3.0 or CC-BY-2.5], via Wikimedia Commons

BERN, SWITZERLAND – If you’re in the area around Rolle today, or west Lausanne tomorrow, and you have allergies, bookmark the Swiss national weather service’s new pollen maps page. And if you are in Geneva, one of the worst areas in the country for ambrosia, be sure to check the maps. To get your bearings: […]

Pollen count high today, heavy rain on the way (update 2)

Grasses Thursday morning in the Alps, where a strong foehn wind is stirring up the air

Weather forecast update – heavy rain in Geneva, high winds in Vaud GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Sore throat? Runny eyes or nose? Sinus headache? It might be the pollen, with virtually all of Switzerland registering very strong pollen counts as of 09:00 this morning. Grasses are the main culprit, with most trees at the end of […]

Warm and sunny: we’re loving it! but beware the pollen

Le M/S Lausanne part de Chillon en course 931

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – The Swiss weather map 27 March is a dream, as long as you’re not a farmer hoping for some rain for thirsty crops: nothing but sunshine ahead. Average precipitation in February was 25mm (Meteo Swiss map) in most of French-speaking Switzerland. March figures are not yet out it appears likely they will […]

Pollen counters, beware, first flowers are en route


BERN, SWITZERLAND – Massive amounts of snow cover the Jura and Alps, but on the Lake Geneva region plains the weather has been clement, and for hay fever sufferers that translates into the hazelnut trees budding. Where the air is dry, pollen is already being released. The amounts are small but measurable near Geneva, MeteoSwiss’s […]

Weekend Lake Geneva region weather: warmer, but rain continues


Geneva, Switzerland (GenevaLunch) – Runners in this weekend’s Geneva Marathon won’t get overheated, with highs of 15-16C and some rain Saturday, with more rain predicted on Sunday, says MeteoSwiss. At least they won’t be sneezing from the pollen count, which is relatively low. The Alps will generally  have more sunshine and warmer temperatures,  but the […]

Weekend weather: warm but mixed, high pollen

train_view_bern_lausanne_april 2010

Geneva, Switzerland (GenevaLunch) – Temperatures in the Lake Geneva region for the 1 May weekend will range from 12-23C, but skies will offer a mix of sun and rain. The pollen count remains high throughout the region, so pack tissues if you’re heading out.

The American greening of Geneva: switch flipped for magnetic levitation cooling


Updated 16:30  Geneva, Switzerland (GenevaLunch) – Wednesday was the 39th annual Earth Day in the US, which explains much of the flurry of talks, blogs and activities designed to get us thinking along greener, cleaner lines. The Huffington Post carried blogs by filmmaker Robert Redford on taking a stand, and author Michael Pollen, who praises […]

Wicked weather this week in Lake Geneva region

Allergies season is upon us

Aha! packets of tissues handed out to travelers at Cornavin station in Geneva to mark national allergies day

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Allergies, hay fever in particular, or just a sneezing bout? Last week Switzerland marked national allergy day, just as pollen and other allergens were beginning to make their presence known. Hay fever sufferers are having a respite today, thanks to the rainy weather that swept into Switzerland, but MeteoSwiss is predicting a […]

Weekend weather forecast for runners, skiers

fruit trees near Sion in canton Valais were at least two weeks early, in full bloom 5 April 2014

April in Switzerland was too dry, says national weather service GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Rain that was badly needed in Switzerland has been falling steadily this week but the weather people have good news for the weekend. Forecast for PDG and Geneva Marathon Temperatures will start to rise again Saturday with mixed sunshine and overcast skies; […]