And the winner is . . . Spain!!!


Final score: Spain 1, The Netherlands 0 International sports, World Cup football Johannesburg, South Africa (GenevaLunch) – The game is over, except in the hearts of fans, who will continue to turn over every move and every decision by the referee, for days to come. The big one has been decided: Spain beat The Netherlands […]

Paul the Octopus called it right: Germany wins; Hitzfeld calls it for Spain

Germany wins over Uruguay - Photo 2010 FWCLOC

(GenevaLunch) – Germany has taken the third place for the second straight World Cup, beating Uruguay 3-2 in a match where the Uruguayans showed its finest qualities. The Uruguayan team scored first, then fought like a lion to break their eight-game losing streak against Germany. However, the “charrúa” were unable to tie against Germany in-spite […]

Paul the octopus: Spain will take gold, Germany bronze

Oberhausen, Germany (GenevaLunch) – Paul, the two-year-old oracle octopus has picked Spain to win the World Cup final. The eight-legged oracle has correctly forecast the winner of every match played by Germany during the Cup. Paul, who lives at the Sea Life aquarium in the German city of Oberhausen, normally only picks Germany matches. But […]

World Cup: Uruguay and the Netherlands to semi-finals, Brazil eliminated, Dungas steps down!

Dutch fans celebrate historic win over Brazil - 2010 FWCLOC

South Africa ( – Uruguay has qualified to semi-finals after 40 years when Ghana missed three penalty shots, including one during extra time 1 (4) – 1 (2). Ghana became the first country to score against Uruguay this far in the World Cup. Uruguay kept the run of victories for teams taking the first kick […]

The Redeemer, in Rio de Janeiro, back in plain sight [Video]

The iconic open-armed Christ statue, the Redeemer, is back in plain sight in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The statue, that overlooks Brasil’s most famous city, underwent $4-million worth of renovations that covered it during four months. In honor of Brazil’s football team, the Redeemer will be bathed in green and yellow light, the classic colors […]

World Cup: Japan eliminated, Paraguay to quarter-finals for the first time

Paraguayans celebrate their win - Photo 2010 FWCLOC

South Africa (GenevaLunch) – Paraguay is the last South American nation to qualify for the 2010 Fifa World Cup quarter-finals. The Guarani squad beat Japan during penalty shootouts after both teams failed to score during regular and extra time. This is the first time Paraguay qualifies past the group of 16. Paraguay won 0 (5) […]

Hitzfeld: Switzerland’s elimination is also his defeat, US Eliminated! (Update)

Luis Suarez celebrates his victory goals - Photo 2010 FWCLOC

International sports, World Cup football roundup Swiss coach to stay on until 2012 South Africa ( – Switzerland’s inability to qualify for the Group of 16 didn’t seem to take all of their fans by surprise, but it was nevertheless a sad day for Swiss football fans. The French-speaking press noted that the Swiss squad […]

The comeback boys: England and US qualify in winner-takes-all matches (update)

Adjid Bougherra of Algeria and Jozy Altidore of USA fight it out - Photo 2010 FWCLOC

Port Elizabeth, South Africa (GenevaLunch) – It could have all gone wrong but it didn’t, not at least for the US football team which clawed back during the stoppage time, to beat lion-hearted Algeria 1-0, nor for the England squad which triumphed over Slovenia kicking them out of the final 16. Algerian goalie Rais Mbolhi turned […]

Swiss in fantastic win over Spain! 1-0 (update)

Switzerland is celebrating its historic win over Spain - Photo 2010 FWCLOC

International Sports, World Cup Football Update 18:20  Durban, South Africa (GenevaLunch) – The Swiss football team got off to a flying start by beating the finest team of the last few years, 1-0. Horns, Swiss-version vuvuzelas and more broke out in the normally more staid Geneva, Lausanne and other cities and towns. Switzerland’s solid defense […]

World Cup: attacking football makes a great change

The All White scorer celebrates its first point at a World Cup - 2010 FWCLOC

Brazil and North Korea brilliantly close a day of exciting football Brazil 2 North Korea 1 As forecast, Brazil won 2-1 against a North Korean team that, surprisingly, was an equal match to the cariocas. The vuvuzelas could be heard not only in South Africa but in Geneva where fans were roaming the streets celebrating […]