Geneva and Annecy now just 30 minutes apart on the A41


Geneva, Switzerland and Annecy, France (Tribune de Geneve) – The A41 autoroute, nicknamed Liane, opened Monday morning to regular traffic, bringing Annecy in France and Geneva in Switzerland closer together: the car trip is now just 30 minutes. Some 23,000 vehicles daily are expected to use the 19 km stretch of road. (aerial views from […]

Annecy and Geneva hug each other with 18.8 km autoroute

Geneva, Switzerland and Annecy, France (GenevaLunch) – Annecy and Geneva will be 10 minutes closer 18 December, thanks to the new Aliane strip of the A41 North autoroute in France, which is being inaugurated today. More significant to the cross-border workers and weekend trippers who travel this route regularly, the new road should reduce frequent […]