Alpine light show for earlybirds

Dawn in the Swiss and Italian Alps, over the Rhone river valley, 5 March 2013

Dawn over the Rhone River valley and the peaks where cantons Valais, Uri, and Ticino meet Italy: a magnificent 5 March light show from 06:50 to 07:03 that dwindled down, two hours later, to a gray day with wild, warming foehn winds battering the valley. Weather for today Sion in Valais is expected to reach […]

Half of Swiss forests play protective role


GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Half of all Swiss forests, and in Alpine areas 90 percent of them, play a critical role in protecting the population, according to an environmental report published Monday 11 February. The report shows that it costs the Swiss federal government CHF60 million a year to maintain 585,000 hectares of forests, 40 percent […]

Swiss weekend weather and winter sports, 8-10 February 2013 – brrrrr!


GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Be sure to take your gloves and hat when you step outside this weekend, with temperatures dipping in many areas in Switzerland. Alpine areas above 1,000 can expect highs below 0C (high of -5C in Zermatt) and lows of -10C to -15. Snow flurries are forecast Friday during the day in much […]

While shepherds their sheep were watching, the wolf stayed away

Kursleiterin Riccarda Luethi mit einem Italienischen Herdenschutzhund im Einsatz. In einem 4-taegigen Kurs werden Freiwillige auf einen Alp-Einsatz als Hirtenhilfe vorbereitet. Der Pilot-Kurs wurde vom WWF Schweiz initiert.

BERN, SWITZERLAND – A four-year old pilot volunteer shepherd’s aid programme run by the WWF to help de-fuse a fight over wolves in the Swiss Alps has come to a successful conclusion, says the group. It is now being handed over to a new and independent non-profit group, Association pour une exploitation écologique et sûre […]

Weekend weather, snow sports, 11-13 January 2013


GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Despite the gloomy weather around the Lake Geneva area Friday, the weather forecast is for decent ski temperatures and some sunshine Saturday. Temperatures throughout most of the Alps will remain at -2 to 4C, with snow late Friday and Sunday, but sunshine Saturday. Anyone in the Geneva area should consider the quick […]

Landmark French case: psychiatrist sentenced over patient’s murder

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – A psychiatrist in Marseilles has been given a one-year suspended sentence for manslaughter for an axe murder committed by her patient. The doctor was found guilty of not recognizing  the public danger posed by her schizophrenic patient, who hacked an 83-year-old man, his mother’s companion, to death in Gap. Links to other […]

Weekend avalanches catch Swiss off-piste enthusiasts (update)

Dutch skier dies in Wengen Saturday GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – A 39-year-old Dutch skier died Saturday in Wengen while skiing off-piste, say Bern police. He and a friend left the Eiger glacier stop to ski down Kleine Scheidegg on an ungroomed piste when they lost sight of each other. The second skier waited in vain for […]

Buried garden treasures

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – There is no longer any doubt, winter is here to stay, and buried somewhere under a metre of fresh snow is my broccoli, that I was planning to stir-fry last Saturday night. Question: by the time the snow melts down a couple feet, will my fresh-frozen but on the stalk broccoli be […]

A weathery kind of week dampens Switzerland


BERN, SWITZERLAND – The Swiss national weather service, MeteoSwiss, said Wednesday morning 5 December that the storms of the past few days have brought a mix of winds, snow and rain with heavy precipitation to much of Switzerland. The Jura and the north slopes of the Alps had 30-45 litres per m2 Monday night and […]

Travel alert: ice, snow, high winds forecast for next 24 hours

Brig, Alps, canton Valais Saturday 1 December 2012

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – The dose of winter that arrived in most parts of Switzerland over the weekend is about to be backed up by heavy snow in several areas, mixed at times with high winds and ice. MeteoSwiss issued a weather bulletin Monday morning 3 December stating that unstable weather will reach the region Monday […]