Apple and publishers lose bid to reject class action on e-book pricing

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Apple and five publishers have lost a bid to have a class action case on electronic book pricing rejected, thus allowing the case to proceed in court in the United States. US district attorney judge Denise Cote in New York Tuesday 15 May rejected  a motion by Apple and the publishers to […]

Tech wars warm up vs old industry lines

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – The great tech war of 2012 is warming up, writes Fast Company, meaning that four biggies are stepping on each other’s toes and pretty soon the slug fest will begin, featuring Amazon, Apple, Facebook nnd Google. “There was a time, not long ago, when you could sum up each company quite neatly: […]

Tech wars warming up vs when companies had clear profiles

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Apple biggest company, but FT, Wal-mart and Amazon step around it

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Apple is making headlines this week for bypassing Exxon, if briefly, as the largest publicly listed US company, in the chaos of stock markets this week. In May 2010 it bypassed Microsoft as the largest tech company. Big doesn’t necessarily mean everyone loves it, however, and in particular Apple is facing fights […]

California’s new Internet sales tax finds critics

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Governor Jerry Brown in California, USA, says his state’s coffers badly need the expected $320 million that a new tax on Internet sales will bring in, but his critics say the move will do more harm than good. The number of those critics appears to be growing in the week since Amazon […]

The Amazons in the arboretum

Title: The Amazons in the arboretum Location: Aubonne, Vaud Link out: Click here Description: A day dedicated to the Amazons. The tribal chief of the Shuars will speak about its tribe, a film will be shown, Ecuadorian food will be served and music performed. A great day for kids and adults alike. Date: 15 Aug […]

Peru parliament votes to suspend controversial laws on forests

Peru’s parliament voted in favour of suspending a controversial “legislative decree” 9 June and agreed to review the laws with increased input from native peoples of the Amazon region.”We hope to find the necessary consensus with the native communities and to be able to incorporate our international obligations as soon as possible”, said trade minister, […]

Many deaths in Peru’s Amazon protests

Government figures show 24 policemen and nine indigenous people dead over the past three days in Peru’s Amazon region in the worst disturbances since the end of the Shining Path insurrection. Several policemen are still missing and it is believed the death toll could go higher. Indigenous groups have been inflamed by a series of […]