Myanmar/Burma may join mine ban Convention


GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Myanmar/Burma’s government may be adding the Mine Ban Convention to its state reforms, the Anti-Personnel Mine Ban Convention said in Geneva Thursday 12 July. The minister of foreign affairs, U Wunna Maung Lwin, said at a meeting of Asean foreign ministers 11 July in Phnom Penh, Cambodia that his government is “seriously […]

Finland to get rid of landmine stockpiles by 2016

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Finland hopes to increase mine action funding to 6 million euro annually by 2014 as it complies with its obligations under the Anti-Personnel Mine Ban Convention, or Ottawa Convention, that entered into force for Finland Sunday 1 July, despite overall budget cuts. The terms of the convention call for Finland to destroy its […]

Demining funds maintained despite world economic woes


GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Efforts to get rid of landmines are making good progress in many countries and funding is being maintained despite government budget constraints, a key meeting in Cambodia that closed 2 December shows. But work remains, with 4,000 new victims of landmines each year: six people died in Pursat Province, Cambodia, which hosted […]

Tango Concert to benefit demining of a Palestinian Village

Villagers of Husan, in the West Bank could benefit from an Israeli-Palestinian initiative to clear the territory of landmines. Philanthropists in Switzerland have decided to join in the cause by throwing a New Tango benefit concert in Tannay, Canton Vaud, an evening of delightful music for a good cause. Also see GenevaLunch’s story on the […]

Colombian government asks ICRC to condemn Farc over child soldiers

Vice President Angelino Garzon listens to questions during a sit-down meeting with the press in Geneva

Gontard case friction easing with Swiss, Colombian cooperation; $27 billion victim compensation programme high on Colombian gov’t agenda Geneva, Switzerland ( – “Our goal is that in 15 years, lands can be given back to the farmers exiled from their homes and that social programmes will be in place to help them,” Vice-president Angelino Garzon […]

Nicaragua’s last landmines go: Central America landmine-free

Geneva, Switzerland (GenevaLunch) – Central America has become landmine-free, thanks to the elimination of all known landmines in Nicaragua, two representatives of its government told a working session of the Anti-Personnel Mine Ban Convention Tuesday 22 June. “After two decades of work, Nicaragua is proud to announce that we have completed clearance of all known […]