Swiss find two varieties of apple eaters


Nyon, Switzerland (GenevaLunch) – A government study to determine what causes us to choose or reject apples shows that it depends on what kind of apple-eater you are: big apple fans select their fruit based on looks, but smaller apple eaters need to smell the apple and will buy it only if convinced that it […]

My Fujis are beauties!

We bought a piece of property a few years ago that had two apple trees, 75 and 100 years old at the time. The younger gave Canadas, good for pies, for two years, then began to die and this spring we had to cut it down. The older tree is still going strong and giving […]

Not just any old apple: tomorrow’s favourite is here!


Zurich, Switzerland (GenevaLunch) – Five new apple varieties are being tested by consumers at Zurich’s Letzipark shopping centre, and let’s hope they have similar taste buds to the rest of us, because their votes could well determine which apples will make it to market – Modi or Juliet or one of the others?

Paragliders and leaves

Friday evening as I stopped to buy groceries in Villeneuve, at the eastern end of Lake Geneva, I watched a group of paragliders drifting down, slowly, so slowly. They appeared to hardly move. The leaves have done the same this weekend, with a hint of breeze now and again pushing a few more of them […]