US justice boss Holder cleared by internal watchdog

Botched job under Obama-appointed DOJ head not likely to disappear during election run-up GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Eric Holder, the US attorney general, has been cleared of wrongdoing by an internal Department of Justice (DOJ) watchdog investigation into the “Fast and Furious” undercover operation that put US guns into the hands of drug cartels in Mexico. […]

Young Norwegian swim champion dies

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Alexander Dale Oen, age 26, one of the world’s finest competitive swimmers, was found dead in his Arizona hotel room shower Monday 30 April. The medical examiner reported he died of cardiac arrest and there were no signs of foul play. He had been doing high altitude training with his team. Dale […]

Romney inches towards Republican slot, with 2 wins

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Mitt Romney is looking more likely than he was a few days ago to be the Republican presidential candidate in the US, following wins in Arizona and his home state of Michigan. His campaign had suffered in recent days and the battle in Michigan was a tight one with his win over […]

Zurich man’s “127 Hours” nightmare canyon tale ends well

ZURICH, SWITZERLAND – AP/Republic newspaper in Arizona report that a 35-year-old Zurich man was rescued from a canyon after Navajo police found his vehicle. He had reportedly hiked into Waterholes Canyon not far from Flagstaff, Arizona and went down into a dry waterfall canyon with a rope, but was injured and was stuck there, with […]

US Congress member critical, 6 dead in mall shooting

Six people died and 14 were injured Saturday 8 January in a Tucson, Arizona shooting outside a supermarket where a political rally was being held. US House Representative Gabrielle Giffords is in critical condition but responding to simple commands after surgery, but the others who were injured have less serious wounds. Giffords was shot in […]

Death penalty in Arizona goes ahead with imported drug

The state of Arizona, USA, has gone ahead with the execution of Jeffrey Landrigan after the US Supreme Court overruled two lower court decisions halting the execution 26 October. Landrigan’ lawyers had argued that the substance used as part of a “cocktail” of three drugs commonly administered in lethal injections was not up to US […]

Controversial Arizona immigration law repealed (video)

A US District Judge has repealed an Arizona immigration law that allowed the state and municipal law-enforcement officials and agencies, to determine the immigration status of any person. Judge Susan Bolton in Phoenix, indicated that federal immigration law supersedes state law. The injunction blocked Arizona from implementing the new law, less than 24 hours before […]

US Supreme Court: case over states’ obligations to ensure English is taught

The US Supreme Court Monday hears a test case over the obligations of states to ensure that all children are taught English in public schools to a standard that allows them to be competitive. The case involves the state of Arizona and what it has or has not done in schools in Nogales, on the […]