Gunman had several weapons to settle old family score

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Police in canton Valais late Thursday questioned the alleged gunman who shot and killed three people and injured two others Wednesday night 2 January. He is hospitalized with chest injuries from gunshot wounds from police. The 33-year-old native of Daillon, the village where the shootings took place, told investigators that his actions […]

Justice records to go to army for potentially dangerous soldiers

BERN, SWITZERLAND – Court records of soldiers who may be potentially dangerous to themselves or others will in future have to be shared by public prosecutors directly with the Swiss military department, Bern announced Wednesday 5 September. The move is part of an effort to reduce the abusive use of military arms, carried by all […]

Army makes final check on Chamoson forest fire


BERN, SWITZERLAND – The forest fire that broke out just above the vineyards of Chamoson, canton Valais, last Thursday, 23 August, is under control, with the Swiss Army making final flyover helicopter checks Monday morning, an army spokesperson told GenevaLunch. The fire broke out after several days of hot, dry weather, with temperatures in the […]

Egyptian pre-election shooting kills 11 in Cairo

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Eleven people were killed outside the ministry of defense in Cairo Wednesday 2 May, and up to 160 were reportedly wounded. Plainclothes gunmen attacked a group of protesters who were camped outside the ministry. The group, which numbers in the hundreds, has been protesting army rule for a number of days. Reuters […]

Egyptian army apologizes for deaths, says not stepping down

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – An uneasy peace lies over Cairo and other parts of Egypt after the Egyptian army Thursday offered a public apology for the deaths that occurred earlier this week when protesters took to the streets. A truce between the two groups appears to be holding. Army leaders made it clear shortly after offering […]

US, Europe react to Syrian deaths with diplomatic maneuvers

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – The US will not intervene militarily and Europe is pushing for a UN condemnation of the Syrian government’s crackdown on its citizens, now in its third day, which included the deaths of a reported 100 people in the city of Hama Sunday 31 July alone.  Chinese news agency Xinhua quotes Syrian state […]

Welcome rain comes after busy weekend in region (update)


Tour de Romandie finishes with glorious weather as partner Weather forecast: brief rain, spot of frost, then warmer and sunny again Geneva, Switzerland (GenevaLunch) – The rain is finally falling Tuesday morning 3 May, giving a reprieve after the spectacularly dry April in the Lake Geneva region, but weather forecasters warn it will be shortlived: […]

India adds voice to Swiss group’s Zimbabwe diamond concerns


Swiss aid group calls for Zimbabwe to be barred from Kimberly Process diamonds, cites State torture, child and forced labour Geneva, Switzerland (GenevaLunch) – The Indian ministry of commerce is the latest to move against the Zimbabwe diamond trade, asking the country’s traders and jewelry exporters Thursday 9 December to “bide their time” until the […]

Fire in Lausanne under control but smoldering after 6 days


Lausanne, Switzerland (GenevaLunch) – The fire that began in Lausanne Thursday 23 September in the storage space of an archiving firm was finally under control late Tuesday, but it continues to smolder, say officials. More than 300 firefighters from around the region have been involved in the battle against the flames and smoke, with the […]

Swiss to hold popular referendum to ban more fighter jets


Bern, Switzerland (GenevaLunch) – More than 100,000 Swiss have signed a petition asking for a popular referendum to put a limit on the number of fighter jets owned by the Swiss military, a large enough number to now force a vote, the Swiss Chancellory announced Friday 26 June.