Band of “extremely violent” youths unmasked by Zurich police

ZURICH, SWITZERLAND – A Zurich police investigation that began in December 2011 into a series of holdups and violent attacks on 38 people that left 14 with injuries has resulted in a group of 10 youths facing charges. The 10, ages 15 to 19, are of three nationalities, including two Swiss, with 9 of them […]

Former Credit Suisse manager arrested in London (update)

ZURICH, SWITZERLAND – Kareem Serageldin, one of three Credit Suisse senior managers fired by the bank in 2008 when a massive fraud in the sub-prime mortgage market was uncovered, has been arrested in London. The bank at the time lost CHF2.5 billion from the scheme “initiated” by Sergeldin, according to US court documents filed in […]

“You got me”, Canada’s presumed ghoulish murderer, to Berlin police

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – The man presumed to be behind the murder of 32-year-old Chinese student Jun Lin in Montreal, and who then mailed the body parts to members of parliament among others, has been arrested in Berlin. Luca Rocca Magnotta was tracked to France, where he is believed to have gone the day after the […]

Vaud police arrest drunk driver without license after high-speed chase

LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND – A high-speed chase Monday 9 April at 17:00 that started near Gros-de-Vaud in canton Vaud, with the cars getting  up to 200kph, ended in Echallens in front of a parking lot with the arrest of the 24-year-old Swiss driver. His companion was taken in for questioning and released once it was clear […]

False Hope’s trading catches up with him: London arrest

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Alex Hope, a publicity-garnering 23-year-old self-proclaimed Forex specialist appears to have been arrested in London on charges of fraud, according to the Guardian. Hope came to fame for his high-rolling lifestyle, notably waving the receipt for a £125,000 bottle of Arnand de Brignac champagne. The self-trained trader’s web site,, was down […]

Thief arrested after 20 breakins while families at funerals

LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND – A 50-year-old Swiss man from the Jura was arrested in March, canton Vaud police announced 4 April, during a break-in in Delemont, while the family was off at a funeral. Police had been tracking him since January after a number of thefts, mainly of money and jewelry, that followed announcements in newspapers […]

Russian uses fields to avoid customs with “dubious” jewels

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – A man described by Swiss customs as a Russian, age about 20, was stopped in Presinge, Geneva, after he attempted to evade border checks by getting off a bus, then heading through fields with a large collection of jewels of “dubious origin”. Border guards noticed the odd behaviour of the man who […]

Chuv hospitals hit by new internal theft


LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND – The Chuv university hospitals, which have greatly tightened their financial auditing systems since a neurologist stole nearly CHF5 million to feed his passion for precious books, Wednesday 5 October faced a new theft. A woman who worked in the visceral (internal organs, especially digestive) surgery unit as assistant to the director of […]

A1 Limo driver on clocked at 320kph – filming the feat himself

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – The 28-year-old Swiss luxury limousine driver who passed you in his Bentley Continental the night of 21 April (you didn’t even spot him?) at more than 320kph on the A1 near the Vengeron exit no longer has a driver’s license and he will have to face a judge over charges of very […]

Man who threw hot oil on police arrested in France

LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND – The 25-year-old man who has been on the run from Orbe since he escaped police after seriously injuring two of them with hot oil has been arrested in France, near Lons-le-Saunier. He threw boiling oil on the officers as they surrounded his apartment, where he briefly held his wife hostage and threatened […]