Karachi mourns 45 dead after weekend bombing

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Karachi, Pakistan “shut down” Monday, according to news media Dawn, after two bombs Sunday in the city’s Abbastown area killed 45 people and injured 135. The government declared an official day of mourning and most schools, businesses and markets are closed. The target of the bombs was not clear reports Aljazeera: they […]

Bomb attack on police in Kabul, 8 hrs fighting, leaves 9 dead

Dozen wounded in early hours attack GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – An attack on the traffic police headquarters in Kabul, Afghanistan led to the deaths of at least nine people, four of them reportedly the attackers. The Taliban have claimed the attack, but say they it was directed at the border police, in a neighbouring building. Two […]

Algerian hostage death toll rises, urgent hunt for missing

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – The number of hostages who were killed in last week’s raid on a gas plant in Algeria remains unclear, with Reuters reporting at 09:30 Monday 21 January that the number is up to 60, with confirmation from the Japanese government that 12 of its citizens died. The BBC was reporting Monday morning […]

Syrian bombs fall on petrol station, killing scores

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – A Syrian air raid on a petrol station in the Mleiha district at the edge of Damascus has killed at least 30 people, with some estimates running as high as 70. The attack occurred Wednesday 2 January and is one of the most deadly recent attacks. Navi Pillay, United Nations Human Rights […]

Portugal attacked on a new front: not the economy, but Guinea-Bissau

Six killed in attack on elite military barracks GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Six soldiers died when their military barracks were attacked near the airport in the capital, late Sunday 21 October. The transitional military government has pointed the finger at forces loyal to former Prime Minister Carlos Gomes Jr and the former interim president Raimundo Pereira, […]

Libyan video footage reported to show efforts to save Stevens

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – allAfrica reports from Tunis that video footage posted on the internet shows Libyans trying to save US Ambassador Chris Stevens, still alive, from a smoke-engulfed embassy building in Benghazi, Libya 11 September. The report says the video has been “authenticated” because his face is visible and the clothes are the same as […]

Attack on WHO polio doctor in Pakistan

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND –  Gunmen in Pakistan’s port city of Karachi attacked a UN vehicle, injuring a World Health Organization doctor working on a polio immunization drive Tuesday 17 July. The attack on a Ghanian doctor and his driver came a day after the Taliban reiterated a ban on the polio immunization campaign in the tribal […]

UN polio vaccination workers attacked in Afghanistan

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – One aid worker was reported by local media to have been hospitalized with injuries in northern Afghanistan after a car in which a group of workers was traveling was attacked. No one has claimed parliamentarians reportedly blamed the Taliban. Ria Novosti in Russia reports that “a car carrying the UN staff, including […]

Police seek Friday night Geneva-Brig train fight witnesses

LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND – A 65-year-old man who lives in the Lake Geneva Riviera area made racial remarks to a group of youths Friday 23 March in the 22:30 Geneva to Brig train, shortly before Morges and was attacked by some of them. He was punched and suffered knife wounds to the throat and chest, near […]

Man who attacked Sion judge over “Luca” saga identified

Le Nouvelliste says man has been under medical care for psychiatric problems SION, SWITZERLAND – A Sion judge was attacked and suffered multiple injuries Saturday night 28 January in the city centre. Le Nouvelliste reported Monday morning that a man who has been under medical treatment and who suffers severe psychiatric problems has been arrested […]