Pub attack on Tottenham football fans in Lyons


GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – A group of thugs, who may not even have been Lyons football fans, attacked a group of about 150 Tottenham FC fans who were inside the Smoking Dog Pub in Lyons, British media report, sending two people to hospital with serious injuries. French media have not reported on the incident, but British media […]

While shepherds their sheep were watching, the wolf stayed away

Kursleiterin Riccarda Luethi mit einem Italienischen Herdenschutzhund im Einsatz. In einem 4-taegigen Kurs werden Freiwillige auf einen Alp-Einsatz als Hirtenhilfe vorbereitet. Der Pilot-Kurs wurde vom WWF Schweiz initiert.

BERN, SWITZERLAND – A four-year old pilot volunteer shepherd’s aid programme run by the WWF to help de-fuse a fight over wolves in the Swiss Alps has come to a successful conclusion, says the group. It is now being handed over to a new and independent non-profit group, Association pour une exploitation écologique et sûre […]

Mumbai right-wing party hands out knives

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – The government says it will put a stop to it, but right-wing party Shiv Sena says that it is ready to hand out 100,000 knives to citizens to protect themselves against attackers. And, it adds, it has nine lawyers lined up to fight anyone who tries to stop  them in court. The […]

Train crimes on the rise: internal report


BERN, SWITZERLAND – The CFF rail company is reported by Sonntagsblick 11 November to be concerned about the sharp increase in crime on trains in Switzerland, notably theft and violence towards passengers and train personnel. In the first six months of 2012, 539 employees were threatened, a 32 percent increase, and 110 were attacked, a […]

ICRC’s Libyan residence attacked, no injuries

Fifth attack directed at Red Cross in 3 months GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – The International Committee for the Red Cross, ICRC, has suspended all work in two major Libyan cities following an attack on its residence in Misrata “with various kinds of heavy weaponry”, the Geneva-based group said Monday 6 August. This is the fifth time […]

Iran vs Israel: the stakes are raised with 2 attacks Monday

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Tensions are rising globally over push and shove tactics by Iran and Israel that may involve the US. Two attacks on Israelis Monday 13 February, one in India and the other in Georgia, were blamed by Israel on Iran, while Iran says its staged them to smear its name. Four people were […]

Iran says US creating “collision course”

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Iran Friday 4 November suggested the US is setting the countries on a collision course, as the US and Britain “advance contingency plans”, according to the Guardian, for an attack on Iran, should new fighting break out in the Middle East. Tensions are rising in the US and the UK over Iran’s […]

Kabul standoff ends with seven dead

KABUL – Six Taliban insurgents were killed after a 20-hour standoff in the heart of Kabul’s diplomatic and military enclave. “The operation just ended and 6 terrorists were killed by police,” spokesman Sediq Sediqqi said on Twitter. The number was updated to seven later in the day. Fifteen others were wounded. The Taliban-led gunmen shot […]

Pakistan, 21 killed in US air strike

PAKISTAN – A US drone strike in Pakistan killed up to 21 Afghan Al Qaeda fighters, say press agencies in the region. The group has been blamed for some of the deadliest anti-American attacks in Afghanistan, including a suicide attack at a US base in 2009 that killed seven CIA operatives. US officials have accused […]

Angry kangaroo attacks 94-year-old woman in Australia

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Police in Australia say an aggressive kangaroo attacked a 94-year-old woman as she tended to the laundry in her backyard in the town of Charleville, in Queensland Province. Police say they had to pepper spray the “Big Red” twice after it approached them menacingly. The woman suffered bruises and cuts and was recovering […]