Swiss media talking about: Internet piracy, Turkish stones, autism, Peugeot

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Swiss media today are featuring stories on: Tribune de Geneve reacts angrily to US-based intellectual property group 8 February telling Congress to place Switzerland on its watch list for Internet piracy. (Original 2013 report on Switzerland from IIPA and 2013 IIPA cover letter on its annual international review, both released 8 February). Canada, Spain […]

Vaccinations debates continue over cost, now that mercury’s resolved


WHO calls Pakistan measles outbreak, with 100 children’s deaths in 3 weeks, “alarming” GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – A decades-long debate that raged over whether or not vaccinations cause harm has drawn to a quiet close, but that doesn’t mean the world’s children will now easily be vaccinated, with rapidly rising costs and unnecessarily complicated vaccines as […]

Special needs children: ASK has answers

The non-profit organization All Special Kids, ASK, helps families of children with all kinds of special needs, from gifted to attention deficit disorders, autism to dyspraxia or dyslexia. ASK provides seminars, after-school homework support, drama and social skills workshops, kids and teens clubs, spring and summer camps. It also helps parents find the right school for their child, organize […]

Autistic doesn’t look the same from 2 sides of the fence

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Only 10 minutes left to tell you that a) this is International Day of Persons with Disabilities  (nice way of getting around labeling them handicapped or disabled – writing lesson here!), as the Swiss government reminded me, and b) Scientific American has a good article, “The hidden potential of autistic kids”. Nothing […]

Basel researchers show how young brain learns from mistakes

Figure 1

Basel, Switzerland (GenevaLunch) – Scientists have known for some time that the developing brain “learns” from its mistakes, but a research team at the Biozentrum of the University of Basel have now used advanced microscopy techniques to document the process. Their findings were published 8 February in PLoS Biology and could have important implications for […]

Daniel Isn’t talking, Marti Leimbach, Autism

Autism is the subject of this novel but it isn’t like Mark Haddon’s The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time. Marti Leimbach‘s novel focuses more on the effect on the family of Daniel’s disorder. Melanie, the American mother in an unsatisfactory marriage, is aware of Daniel’s problem before it is diagnosed. The reader becomes […]

The undiagnosed finally have a label: Undiagnosed

Update 13 March / People look at me in astonishment when I say my very handicapped 17-year-old daughter has no clear diagnosis. They grope for the next questions, which are usually: so when did you know something was wrong, did you have any idea what it was, do you know why or how it happened? […]

New US gov’t autism figures show steady increase – groups call for H1N1-level funding

Update 13:26 New statistics on the incidence of autism in the US, published by the US government’s Maternal and Child Health Bureau, indicate that the rate is increasing, to 110 per 10,000 in 2007 (one in 91 children). Earlier data showed figures of 66 and 67 per 10,000 from surveys in 2000 and 2002. These […]

US court rules against autism-MMR vaccine link

The Vaccine Court in the US, which hears cases and makes awards to children damaged by vaccines, has ruled in ” three test cases representing thousand of other petitioners” that the children’s autism was not caused by the measles, mumps, rubella (MMR) vaccinations they received. Specifically, the Special Master (judges are not used by the […]

UK “one of the worst countries in Europe for measles”

The BBC and EurActiv reported Friday that concerns are growing in Europe over possible measles epidemics. There were more measles in Britain in 2008, even before high numbers for December were recorded, than in any year for the past 12. The medical journal Lancet said that in 2006-07 most measles cases in Europe were in […]