Cuba, Bahrain in hot seats in UNHRC reviews, Syria lambasted

UN Independent Commission on Syria says more than 200 deaths since ceasefire began GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – The UN Human Rights Council holds country reviews regularly and many are heated, but this week in Geneva several meetings have turned up the heat under accusations of human rights abuses. Cuba appeared before the UN Committee Against Torture […]

Formula 1 race to go ahead in Bahrain

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – The Bahrain Grand Prix will go ahead as planned on 22 April, the International Automobile Federation (FIA) announced. Ongoing political unrest, which included the death of anti-government protesters last year, had fueled speculation that the racing event may be cancelled. Opposition to the ruling royal family had called for the races to […]

Swiss Piranha tanks were used in Bahrain, Seco confirms


Bern, Switzerland (GenevaLunch) – Swiss Piranha tanks were used by Saudi Arabia in putting down protests in neighbouring Bahrain in mid-March, the Swiss Office for the Economy (Seco) confirmed Sunday 27 March to news agency ATS. The tanks, on wheels, were made by Mowag in Kreuzlingen, canton Thurgau. Some 30 were sold to the Saudi […]

Teheran summons Swiss ambassador over US Bahrain “backing”

Bern, Switzerland (GenevaLunch) – The Tehran Times reports Wednesday evening that Swiss Ambassador Livia Leu Agosti was summoned Tuesday, along with the Saudi Arabian ambassador to hear complaints about US support for Saudi troops going to Bahrain, at the latter’s request. Switzerland represents US interests in Iran. The ambassador promised to share Iran’s concerns with […]

Deaths, injuries mount in Bahrain, Yemen protests

Yemen, which expelled four foreign journalists earlier in the week for covering protests in the country, is reported by the Guardian to have been the scene of bloody clashes that left 150 people injured Wednesday 16 March. Troops reportedly tried to break up an anti-government rally in the Red Sea city of Hudaida, the latest […]

US says unaware Saudi Arabia sending troops to Bahrain

US officials at the Pentagon say that Robert Gates, the defense secretary, was not given any warning when he visited Bahrain last week that just two days later Saudi Arabia would send 1,000 troops to the small kingdom to help quell protests, Monday 14 March. Aljazeera reports that the UAE (United Arab Emirates) sent 500 […]

Qaddafi son warns of civil war, calls for change

Muammar Qadaffi is now among the world’s longest-sitting dictators, with 40 years as head of the Libyan government, but his oldest son, Sayf al-Islam told the country on television late Sunday that speedy reforms are needed and that the country is in danger of slipping into civil war. Libya is notoriously difficult for outside media, […]

Violence turns world’s eyes on Bahrain

“Peaceful demonstrations”, as described by international media in Bahrain, were attacked by police, sending some 200 people to hospitals. Three people have reportedly died. The government protests that have gone on for several days have members of the majority Sh’ite population protesting that they are marginalized by the ruling al-Khalifa family, who are Sunni Muslims. […]

Gulf Air adds Geneva-Bahrain flights (correction)

Geneva, Switzerland (GenevaLunch) – Gulf Air has announced it will add three flights a week from Geneva to Bahrain starting 29 March 2011. The flights will leave at 11:50 and arrive at 18:50 on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays from Geneva using a B737-700 with 16 business class flat bed and 78 economy class seats. Flights […]