US president pushes for immigration reform

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – US President Barack Obama said Tuesday 29 January that the time has come for a sweeping overhaul of the country’s immigration system, with a bipartisan approach to reform. On Monday a bipartisan commission presented a blueprint for immigration reform. Members of both parties heaped praise on the task force’s achievement, which will […]

Obama’s gun control plan unveiled

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – US President Barack Obama’s gun control programme, the source of much speculation in the past few days, was unveiled Wednesday 16 January, a month after a mass shooting in Connecticut left 26 people dead, 20 of them young children. He is calling on Congress to put through his proposals, whose key points […]

Obama and a divided country (Chappatte cartoon)


©2012 Chappatte, distributed by Globe Cartoon. More cartoons on Chappatte’s web site. Geneva-based Patrick Chappatte works for the International Herald Tribune, for Geneva newspaper Le Temps, and for NZZ am Sonntag. All cartoons reproduced with permission.

“Obama wins” is US media consensus – Romney concedes at 07:00!

UPDATE 07:00 – ROMNEY CONCEDES, OBAMA WINS! GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – From New York to California, major US media companies are declaring Barack Obama the winner of the 2012 US presidential race, late Tuesday night New York time, in a close race that, at $2.6 billion, is the most expensve US election to date. President Obama, […]

Obama support from US teachers’ unions wavers

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – US teachers’ unions, traditionally strong supporters of the Democratic Party, are taking a more critical approach to the party as the Democrats’ convention opened Tuesday 4 September, in Charlotte, North Carolina. The convention will formally endorse President Barack Obama as its presidential candidate in November’s elections. First Lady Michelle Obama was the […]

George Clooney in Geneva, Obama’s best friend today (update)


Clooney reportedly raises $625,000 for Obama Monday night Update/Correction 28 August 2012  GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – George Clooney is in Geneva today, not to smile for gorgeous Swiss watches but to raise funds for US President Barack Obama. Clooney reportedly raised $15 million in funds in May at a similar event at his home in Los […]

After US massacre President urges tighter background checks

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Five days after a gunman killed 12 people in a US movie theater, President Barack Obama has spoken up about the need for government action to reduce gun violence. Speaking to the National Urban League convention on 25 July the President said: “I believe the majority of gun owners would agree that […]

US Supreme Court says yes, 5-4, to Obama health care plan (update 2)

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – The US Supreme Court Thursday 28 June gave President Barack Obama a resounding victory by saying yes to his effort to overhaul the country’s health care system, four months ahead of presidential elections.T The swing vote came from the chief justice. While NPR described his role as “Roberts joined the four liberal […]

Obama to visit massive Colorado wildfire

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – US President Barack Obama is expected to visit the western state of Colorado Friday 29 June as wild fires continue to rage for a fifth day, and threaten the state’s second largest city, Colorado Springs. The massive blaze, known as the Waldo Canyon fire, has forced the evacuation of some 36,000 residents […]

Mitt Romney to face off with Obama: it’s official

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – The US presidential race now has two unofficially official candidates, with President Barack Obama facing off against Republican Mitt Romney, who won the Texas primary Tuesday 29 May. The win gives him the necessary 1,14 delegates to become the candidate, but he won’t be officially nominated until the Republican convention in Florida […]