Zurich mayor sheds US passport


ZURICH, SWITZERLAND – Zurich’s mayor has become the latest celebrity in Switzerland to have the US Embassy in Bern punch holes in her passport as she gives up her US citizenship. Corinne Mauch, 52, was born in Iowa City, Iowa with dual Swiss-US citizenship, and she spent her early years in the Midwest. She has […]

Fatca en route for Swiss banks, as agreement adopted by Bern

BERN, SWITZERLAND – The Swiss government formally adopted the Fatca tax agreement with the United States Wednesday morning, publishing at the same time the results of its consultation (French, German) with interested parties within Switzerland. Background, GenevaLunch, Fatca The statement from Bern, in full: “Both the Fatca agreement between Switzerland and the United States that […]

The strange case of Bern’s balls of fire

BERN, SWITZERLAND – A fire in canton Bern at the start of April was started by the sun shining on decorative glass balls, an investigation has determined. The build-up of heat from the light on the glass sparked a fire and flammable materials nearby caught the sparks. There were no injuries, with no one home […]

Religious matters on the menu

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Switzerland will see presentations by two notable religious leaders in April, some of the highlights of several conferences, talks and debates centred around religion. The Dalai Lama, Tibetan religious leader who has a strong interest in science will be in Bern, Fribourg and Lausanne 13-16 April, attending the Forum Fribourg. He will […]

Muehleberg nuclear plant to remain open past June

Reactions stream in, as supreme court overturns high court order LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND – The Swiss supreme court, the Tribunal Federal in Lausanne, ruled Thursday 28 March that the nuclear power station in Muehleberg, canton Bern, can continue to operate after June 2013. The federal administrative court, one of the country’s high courts, had ruled a […]

Commodities trading now 3.5% GDP, says Bern


GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – The commodities trading business will be watched more closely, but will not come under the thumb of regulators, the Swiss government said Wednesday 27 March. The Federal Council says it has accepted 17 recommendations that are part of a report issued jointly by three federal government departments, set deadlines for implementing them, […]

Man gets 12 years for giving Aids to clients

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – A self-proclaimed healer who was found guilty of intentionally infecting 16 of his clients with Aids was sentenced Friday 22 March by a Bern court to 12 years and 9 months in prison. The Bern man, 54, has been in the media for the past week not just because of the trial […]

Self-proclaimed healer accused of giving Aids in police stand-off

BERN, SWITZERLAND – A self-proclaimed healer who is accused of intentionally injecting 15 patients with the Aids virus is in a police standoff, holed up in his house in canton Bern. The man was expected in court this week but his lawyer showed a medical certificate saying the man is suffering from extreme fatigue and […]

Number of successful asylum seekers down as loopholes closed

BERN, SWITZERLAND – The number of requests for asylum in Switzerland fell by 16 percent in February, compared to January (and by 20 percent compared to February 2012), and the number of asylum seekers whose files were handed over to the country where they entered the Schengen area rose by 10 percent in February. The […]

Traffic alert: rail traffic via Fribourg diverted after cargo train derails

BERN, SWITZERLAND – Rail traffic in western Switzerland is being rerouted via Beil/Bienne after a cargo train derailment forced the closure of the line between Bern and Fribourg, says the CFF. No one was injured when the train derailed shortly before 10:00 between Berne Ausserholligen and Bern Bümpliz. Some passengers are being put on buses […]