Syrian capital bomb blasts take heavy toll

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Two days after UN Special Envoy to Syria Kofi Annan said in Geneva that he is worried by the growing number of bombs being used, and the growing threat of civil war, two major blasts have caused heavy damage to the south side of the capital, Damascus. State media say that scores […]

Afghanistan blasts kill 58, deflating small hopes from conference

GENEVA, SWITZERLEAND -Western leaders’ promises of help to the Afghan government when their troops leave, made Monday at an international conference in Germany, appeared to offer smaller hopes of peace following deadly attacks in Kabul and a city in the north Tuesday 6 December. Close to 60 people died and 160 were injured when a […]

Mumbai faced with new terrorist attacks, with 3 on Wednesday

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Any sense of normality in Mumbai, India, disappeared Wednesday as terrorist attacks returned to the city that was traumatized by three days of attacks in 2008 that killed 166 people. Three separate attacks have taken at least 21 lives and injured more than 100 people, in Zaveri Bazaar, the Opera House business […]

Uganda World Cup bombing deaths, at least 64

The death toll has now risen to at least 60, according to police in Uganda, from two bombs that went off Sunday 11 July in Kampala, where crowds had gathered to watch World Cup football on TV. At about the 90th minute of the game a bomb went off at an Ethiopian restaurant and at […]

Worst US mining disaster in years takes 25 lives

An explosion of unknown origin at a coal mine in West Virginia killed 25 workers and four are still missing. The disaster is the worst at a US mine since 1984. Methane gas, which the mine seam releases in large quantities, is suspected. NPR points out that it remains one of the greatest dangers of […]

Bombs in packed Moscow Metro kill 37, wound 33

Suicide bombers triggered explosions in two crowded Metro subways in Moscow early Monday 29 March. The death toll currently stands at 37, with 33 people injured. The first went off about 08:00 at Lubyanka station, during rush hour, and the second 40 minutes later at Park Kultury station. “No group immediately claimed responsibility for the […]

Blasts kill 49, scores injured in Lahore, Pakistan

Two bombs have killed 49 people, unofficial sources report, with the death toll rising as many of the scores of injured are in critical condition, in Lahore Pakistan. It is unclear if the blasts were two suicide bombs or one, followed by a remote-control device exploding in the heart of Lahore’s commercial centre. One bomb […]