Boy killed in Gaza reportedly 17th death in 2 days

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Israeli forces “continued to target terrorists in the Gaza Strip Sunday morning after Palestinians continued to fire rockets at towns in southern Israel,” the Jerusalem Post reports 11 March, while the death toll is reported by CNN, citing Palestinian medical sources, to have risen to 17 in just two days. A 12-year-old […]

Iran vs Israel: the stakes are raised with 2 attacks Monday

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Tensions are rising globally over push and shove tactics by Iran and Israel that may involve the US. Two attacks on Israelis Monday 13 February, one in India and the other in Georgia, were blamed by Israel on Iran, while Iran says its staged them to smear its name. Four people were […]

S Sudan agrees to land mine ban treaty; fears grow over cross-border bombing


GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Friday 11 November was a day of rising fears internationally that tensions are building along the Sudan-South Sudan border after a series of bombs were dropped just inside South Sudan’s Unity state, hitting a refugee camp. Several Geneva-based humanitarian groups expressed their growing concern Friday. And then late Friday came some good […]

Carlos the Jackal on trial nearly 30 years after crimes

PARIS, FRANCE – Carlos, known as the Jackal, is on trial in Paris for crimes committed some 30 years ago, and the courtroom proceedings promise to be colourful, if the first day was anything to go by. His lawyer, who is also his wife, argued that the statute of limitations is not three decades, while […]

Chechen “warlord” charged in Moscow bombing may be dead

Russian authorities Tuesday 29 March charged Doku Umarov, known in Russia as a Chechen warlord, with masterminding the January Domodedovo Moscow Airport bombing. But according to Russian media, he may well have died Monday of this week when Russian security forces raided a camp for suicide bombers in Ingushetia, according to the Moscow Times. The […]

Bombs in Uganda slay more than 60 people

Two bombs have killed more than 60 people and wounded scores of World Cup fans watching at two popular locations in the Ugandan capital Kampala late 11 July, minutes before the end of the final match between Spain and the Netherlands. At one location, the Ethiopan Garden, a bomb was left underneath a table. The […]

Three sentenced to life in UK for airliners’ bomb plots

Three men have been sentenced to life in prison in Britain for plotting a series of bombing on airliners between the UK and the US or Canada. Abdulla Ahmed Ali, Assad Sarwar and Tanvir Hussain must serve at least 40, 36 and32 years respectively. The plots were well advanced when police arrested the men in […]

Island-nation in Pacific may take 17 Guantanamo prisoners

The US government has been talking to the island nation of Palau, reports CNN, about taking 17 prisoners from Guantanamo, part of President Obama’s plan to shut down the Cuban prison. Palau is a former US trust territory that became independent in 1994. The prisoners under consideration are a Chinese minority group of Muslims, Uighurs. […]

Israel vows “disproportionate response” to cross-border fire

Israeli leaders over the weekend vowed to give a “disproportionate” response to cross-border fire and followed it up by bombing tunnels it blames Hamas for using to transport arms, in a series of air strikes. Al Jazeera, Jersusalem Post, Reuters

Gaza bombings could be sowing seeds of future violence

CNN carries a story about the impact of the past 10 days’ bombings in Gaza on the next generation of Palestinians, with the seeds of future violence probably being sown, according to specialists interviewed by the US television network.