Falklands/Malvinas anniversary observed with some tension

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Thirty years ago today, 2 April 1982, the Falklands War began, when the UK sent troops to rebuff what the British refer to as an invasion of the island they have ruled since 1833. Argentina sees it differently and despite defeat at the hands of the British 30 years ago, the South […]

UK, Switzerland sign revised tax agreement: heirs’ loophole amended

Related tax news: Upper house commission backs government’s proposed fiscal administrative assistance process BERN, SWITZERLAND – The United Kingdom and Switzerland signed a Protocol of Amendment to their new double taxation treaty Tuesday 20 March, with the Swiss government noting that “The agreement remains unchanged in essence” and that “the concerns of the EU Commission […]

Chinese roads in England could give UK budget smoother ride

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – The UK budget, to be unveiled Wednesday 21 March, could well hold some surprises, but one of its most unusual features is already under discussion: a partial privatization plan that would allow wealth funds from sovereign states to lease British motorways and highways. The Guardian reports that “In his most eye-catching proposal, […]

Top journalists at UK’s Sun questioned by police

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – You won’t yet find this news in The Sun, but five more senior journalists were arrested in an early hours raid Saturday 11 February at their homes in London, Essex and Kent, two weeks after four others were arrested. The total number of those taken in by police as part of Scotland […]

EC hails proposed deal to catch tax evaders between US and 5 EU gov’ts

Britain, France, Germany, Italy Spain: US citizens’ bank data in exchange for US reporting some of their citizens’ bank accounts Overseas Americans already caught in crosshairs GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – A proposed deal that is being hailed by the six countries involved as a step forward in their fight against international tax evasion ironically borrows from […]

UK’s “Sun” hit by police raid after 4 journalists, 1 police office arrested

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – The London Wapping offices of News Corp, owner of British tabloid The Sun, were raided by Scotland Yard police early Saturday 28 January and during the morning Saturday four journalists and a police officer were arrested. The journalists are all current or former Sun journalists. The Metropolitan Police issued a statement that […]

Britain blown sideways by winter gales

Two die as high winds sweep the region GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Winds of up to 100mph in Scotland and other parts of Britain 3 January are causing considerable damage, with some areas suffering power cuts and transport disrupted, including the London-Edinburgh trains. A man died in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, in southern England when a tree […]

Europe adapts to new relations, with UK cooler on EU

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – The Financial Times wondered Sunday if the UK will drop out of the European Union, but most media weren’t willing to take it quite that far. Europe was nevertheless adjusting this weekend to a new set of relations after Britain vetoed a new EU treaty that would bind the members more closely […]

Smoking, wrong foods, booze and weight behind 40% of UK cancers

GENEVALUNCH – The most comprehensive study ever of the source of cancers in Britain according to its authors shows that smoking, drinking, poor eating habits and excess weight trigger 43 percent of cancers in the country and are responsible for half of all cancer-related deaths. The study is published today in the British Journal of […]

Demining funds maintained despite world economic woes


GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Efforts to get rid of landmines are making good progress in many countries and funding is being maintained despite government budget constraints, a key meeting in Cambodia that closed 2 December shows. But work remains, with 4,000 new victims of landmines each year: six people died in Pursat Province, Cambodia, which hosted […]