EasyJet waiting for Russian license, 1 month before flights

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Low-cost British carrier EasyJet is scheduling flights between London and Moscow for mid-March and London-Manchester for the end of March, but the airline is still waiting for Russian authorities to give it a license, reports the Moscow Times. Media in Russia have carried reports that the airline is running into opposition to […]

UBS posts 2012 loss of CHF2.51 billion

ZURICH, SWITZERLAND – Switzerland’s largest bank, UBS, finished 2012 with a loss of CHF2.51b, the company’s financial results, published Tuesdy 5 February, show. The bulk of it, CH1.89b, came in the fourth quarter. The results come as no surprise, except that the bank’s performance was slightly better than some analysts, cited by Swiss media, expected. […]

Cameron in Davos: European political union is not for Britain (update)

UK Prime Minister David Cameron during the 'special address' at the 2013 WEF meeting in Davos, Switzerland. Photo ©World Economic Forum

DAVOS, SWITZERLAND – Speaking at the 43rd World Economic Forum in Davos Thursday 24 January, British Prime Minister David Cameron said that the European political union is not for Britain and quickly drew a distinction between political unity and unified political will. “A centralized political union – not for me and not for Britain,” he said. “Political will […]

Basel III regulators ease new rules for banks

BASEL, SWITZERLAND – International bank regulators meeting in Basel Sunday 6 Jaanuary announced new bank liquidity rules that are softer than the drafts published two years ago, a move that will be welcomed by banks. The LCR, or liquidity coverage ratio, is the first global effort to ensure that banks have enough cash or the […]

US banks given delay to implement tougher Basel capital rules

BASEL, SWITZERLAND – US bank regulators said Friday 9 November that they will delay implementing the new Basel III capital requirements, drawn up in the wake of the 2008 global banking crisis. No date was given for implementation, but the delay appears to have been granted after small and community banks in particular said they […]

Biofuels mostly don’t make the mark for “green”


ZURICH, SWITZERLAND – The first worldwide ecobalance study of biofuels was carried out in 2007 by the Swiss federal research group Empa, which this week released results of a second study. The news shows just how far we have to go before finding green alternatives to petrol, says the Zurich group. Empa is part of […]

Workshop: Compelling Presence for Women in Business

Professional success is about performance, image and exposure Women tend to focus on performance and shy away from building their image. Without a strong image, your performance doesn’t seem as credible. Location: 21bis rue de la NavigationLink out: http://www.compellingpresence.comStart date: 26 Sep 2012Start time: 14:30End date: 28 Sep 2012End time: 18:00

Public finances at all levels show “solid surpluses” as of 2013

BERN, SWITZERLAND – Swiss public finances at the federal, cantonal and communal levels will show “solid surpluses” as of 2013, Bern said 30 August. Surpluses that fell in 2010 when GDP growth slipped to 0.2 percent, improved in 2011, but lower expenditures than expected and a better economic picture now show that the federal and […]

Living Food Business Lunch and Networking

Discover the flavors and benefits of Raw Food, while networking with like-minded people at a beautiful private setting in the heart of Geneva, 2 chefs will cook for you and other 11 guests.

Solar Impulse succeeds over the desert, trips over the gov’t

BERN, SWITZERLAND – Solar Impulse, the solar-powered experimental airplane that has just successfully completed its first overseas flight, to Morocco, including a difficult flight over the desert, is being told it’s time to pay rent, by the Swiss government. Swiss public radio reports 26 June that Bertrand Piccard and Andre Borschberg’s project owes CHF1 million […]