Bern confirms: 2 Swiss residents killed in Marrakesh, 2 injured

Bern, Switzerland (GenevaLunch) – The Swiss Foreign Affairs Department Sunday confirmed to Swiss media that two men missing after an explosion at a cafe in Marrakesh, Morocco last Thursday were killed by the blast. Moroccan authorities were unable to identify the bodies until Sunday. The two, ages 23 and 25, had been sitting at the […]

Swiss foodie news 11 February

This week’s foodie overview I spend a lot of time reading, researching and tweeting about food and restaurants these days, so I thought I’d jot down my tweets from the last few days. These are from both The Rambling Epicure and Swiss Foodies and should give you an overview of what’s going on in the […]

Café du Simplon and the Orient Express

Take the Venice Simplon Orient-Express at the Café du Simplon in Lausanne If you’ve always dreamed of taking the Orient Express but don’t have the time or budget, the Café du Simplon in Lausanne might be the next best thing. The name of the café comes from the street where it is found, the rue […]

Restaurant notes: 21 January 2010

La Terrazza Route de Florissant 51, 1206 Geneva. +41 022 345 56 00. Open for lunch and dinner. Closed Saturday and Sunday. I discovered this almost hidden Swiss-style café-restaurant many years ago on my treks back and forth to the Beaulieu clinique. Mr. Borella started as waiter at the Lion d’Or during its golden age. […]

Bialetti Mukka Express cappuccino maker

An economical, ecological, ergonomic cappuccino maker Bialetti’s Mukka Express model is unique in that you can make a cappuccino or café au lait, with real espresso and foamy milk, all in one pot. The Bialetti looks very similar to Bialetti’s traditional 6- and 8-sided, stovetop espresso makers. It does not require paper filters, so it […]

New coffee shop with Wifi for your business meetings

Ellen Wallace’s Among the vines blog introduces a new coffee shop on the rue du Stand in Geneva, right in the heart of the banking quarter. It is fully equipped with Wifi, which makes it perfect for your business meetings.

Swiss leap from good to better to wondrous coffee


Coffee in Geneva has reached world-class status. The Richemond Hotel’s Le Bar now has a coffee menu and staff trained by one of Italy’s best coffee-art specialists, barista Giorgio Milos. The coffee menu Go for the cappuccino, worth every sip at CHF8, but expect it to come with a beautiful design on the top and […]

Loose-change coffee to disappear

Switzerland (TSR, Fre) – Empty your pockets of loose change and then look for more: the price of a cup of coffee in a restaurant or cafe will go up in 2009, but no one is saying by precisely how much.

Geneva’s Paquis residents want midnight closing for sidewalk cafés