Gaza Strip: ceasefire

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – A Gaza Strip ceasefire was declared Wednesday 21 November in Cairo, Egypt, and took effect at 21:00. It was signed by Palestine and Israel in the presence of US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Egyptian Foreign Minister Mohamed Kamel Amr. The halt to the fighting comes after eight days of rocket and […]

Israel, Palestine meet in Cairo, Ban Ki-moon to join talks

Building housing international media hit by Israeli missiles twice in two days GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – One man, described by Israeli media as “an Islamic Jihad terrorist” died when a tower building that houses a number of international media, including Sky News, was hit by Israeli missiles. Sky News in its live coverage blog reports that […]

Egyptian pre-election shooting kills 11 in Cairo

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Eleven people were killed outside the ministry of defense in Cairo Wednesday 2 May, and up to 160 were reportedly wounded. Plainclothes gunmen attacked a group of protesters who were camped outside the ministry. The group, which numbers in the hundreds, has been protesting army rule for a number of days. Reuters […]

Egyptian call for mass protest aims to end military power

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Organizers of protests in Cairo’s Tahrir Square in Egypt are calling for a million people to come out on the streets Tuesday 22 November to force military rulers to hand over power no matter what the results of next week’s elections. At least 25 people have died in fighting in the past […]

Mubarak wheeled on bed into courtroom

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Egypt’s former leader, Hosni Mubarak, arrived in court Wednesday 3 August on a hospital bed for the opening of his trial: he and his sons Alaa and Gamal, and several senior officials and officers are being tried on a number of charges, from killing protesters to illegally gaining wealth. The former president […]

Reporter’s Cairo mob sexual assault shows dark side

US television’s CBS news chief foreign affairs correspondent, Lara Logan, age 39, was mobbed and, according to CBS,”she was surrounded and suffered a brutal and sustained sexual assault and beating shortly after Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak stepped down Friday 13 February.” The reporter had been covering the crowds iin Tahrir Square and their reaction to […]

Egyptian protests continue, Internet disrupted

Nobel peace prize winner reportedly “detained” Cairo is the scene of continuing protests against the government of Hosmi Mubarak, in power for 30 years, and as protests appear to have spread to Alexandria and Suez, the government has clamped down on the Internet, severely disrupting access to it throughout the country. The government has banned […]

Egypt bans demonstrations, blocks Facebook

Fourth person dies after Tuesday demonstrations Four people died in demonstrations against the government Tuesday 25 January in Egypt, three protesters and a police officer. Gatherings have now been banned by President Hosni Mubarak and social media sites that were used to organize the protests, including Twitter and Facebook, are blocked. Police fired tear gas […]

UBS study shows Geneva, Zurich expensive, salaries high but only 9 hours work to buy iPod


Geneva and Zurich, Switzerland (GenevaLunch) – Geneva and Zurich among the top five priciest cities in the world, along with Oslo, Copenhagen and Toky, according to a study by bank UBS comparing prices and earning in 73 cities around the world. Salaries are highest in Switzerland, Denmark and the US, with workers in Geneva and […]

George Mitchell arrives in Cairo for Mideast peace talks

US Mideast envoy, George Mitchell, arrived in Cairo, Egypt for talks with Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak 27 July, after stops in Syria and Israel. It was Mitchell’s second visit to Damascus, Syria in two months. Talks were “candid and positive.” In Israel, Mitchell met Defense Minister Ehud Barak. After talks in Cairo, Mitchell is to […]