New “smart” ski goggles, tested in France, next step after smart phones

lumiplan_recon copy

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – You can already buy ski goggles that tell you how fast  you’re skiing, but Lumiplan, which provides real time ski data via cell phone apps for 12 US resorts, is about to shift that information to your goggles and make them a lot smarter. The company’s basic set of ski resort apps […]

Boston starts opening again, Canada bans details of terrorism trial

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Boston shops began opening again and life in the city that has been shut down for a week by bombs at the Boston Marathon started to get back to normal. Details are emerging of the criminal actions of which two brothers are accused, with the younger one, in hospital with a feeding […]

Darwin the Ikea monkey takes Canada by storm

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – A 7-month-old monkey found himself at the centre of shoppers’ attention outside an Ikea store in Toronto Saturday and he has since zoomed to national Canadian fame. The monkey, a pet, managed to climb out of his crate in his owner’s car, then open the car door. Wearing a small suede coat […]

UK gets new governor for the Bank of England: a Canadian

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – The annoucement of the new governor of the Bank of England, Canada’s top banker Mark Carney, came as a surprise to many in the financial world: a foreign national and one not well known outside the circle of the world’s central bankers. Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne called Carney “the outstanding […]

Canada is becoming more multilingual, census shows

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Canada’s ages-old struggle between French and English is suffering a surprise attack from immigrants, who are bringing in, in growing numbers, their own languages, new census figures show. The Globe and Mail reports that 17.5 percent of Canadians in 2011 spoke at least two languages at home, up from 14.2 percent in […]

Fifa’s Blatter to intervene in case of Cubans who defected in Toronto

ZURICH, SWITZERLAND – Sep Blatter, head of Fifa, the international football federation, will step in and talk to Canadian officials in the case of three football players who went AWOL in Toronto over the weekend, he told journalists at a press conference in Geneva. This is the second defection to Canada of Cuban footballers this […]

UK, Canada to have joint embassies

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – British and Canadian foreign ministers are expected to sign an agreement Monday 24 September in the Canadian capital, Ottawa, allowing the two countries to share diplomatic missions abroad in an effort to cut costs. British Foreign Minister William Hague and Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister John Braid are scheduled to announce plans to […]

Fatal shooting follows narrow Quebec separatist win

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – One person was killed and another seriously injured Tuesday 4 September during a victory speech given in Montreal by Quebec’s newly elected separatist premier, Pauline Marois. Police said a man around 50 years old was arrested after entering a nightclub where Marois was addressing her supporters, shooting the two persons and setting […]

Head of Chinese student killed and cut up in Montreal found

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Police in Montreal, Canada say they have found the rest of the remains of a Chinese student, Jun Lin, who was brutally murdered and his body parts mailed to Canadian politicians and others. The man’s head and other missing parts were found in a park in Montreal. The trial of the 29-year-old […]

Suspect in Canadian body parts murder may be in France

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Interpol has been pulled into the search for Luka Rocco Magnotta, who was known as Eric Clinton Kirk Newman until 2006. The Canadian is the main suspect in the murder and dismemberment of a man in his 30s who is believed to have been Magnotta’s partner. Canadian police believe he may have […]