Canadians apalled over grisly murders, mailings

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Canada, as the BBC put it Thursday morning, has had its share of grisly crimes, but the one the country is waking up to Thursday goes beyond grisly. The Toronto Star says the police investigation in Montreal is turning into a “horror show”. Body parts mailed to political parties and others are […]

Canada, US investigations of SNC-Lavalin top man leads to his arrest

Canadians had own investigation, but Swiss reportedly asked for help over money laundering and corruption ZURICH, SWITZERLAND – Riadh Ben Aissa was arrested in Switzerland sometime in the past few days, but it’s not yet clear what charges are faced by the former head of global construction SNC-Lavalin, a large Canadian company. The company has […]

UN, Canada fund battle against Thai human trafficking

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Thailand, called by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) a “migration hub in South East Asia and a key country of destination for migrant smuggling”, is entering agreements with Canada and the IOM to combat the problems of human smuggling and to improve border management. Two separate agreements are being concluded this week. […]

Failed missile launch by North Korea condemned

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – A long-range rocket launched by North Korea Friday 13 April to mark the 100th anniversary of the regime’s founding leader exploded 90 seconds after taking off, nonetheless drawing condemnation from G-8 countries. A joint statement from foreign ministers of the G-8, which comprises the United States, Russia, Japan, Canada, the United Kingdom, […]

The Canadians have it (curling Cup)

BASEL, SWITZERLAND – 8-7 was the final score, Canada over Scotland, giving Canada team skip Glenn Howard his third consecutive World Championship in curling after an extra-end win over Scotland’s Tom Brewster. Details: RTS Swiss public broadcasting (Fre), The Scotsman (final not yet listed, 23:00 Sunday), Toronto Sun

Canadian sues his gov’t over stolen Swiss bank data

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – A Montreal man who was among 1,700 whose names were provided to the Canadian revenue service after bank data was stolen by a Geneva HSBC computer employee is now suing his country’s tax department. The suit brought against the Canada Revenue Agency in March comes as a Zurich court has gone after […]

Canadian men sweep day 1 at world curling championship

BASEL, SWITZERLAND – The Canadian  men’s team won the opening round of the eight-day world curling championship in Basel Sunday 1 April, defeating Germany 9-2, after neatly dispensing with the American team 8-7. Canada earlier defeated France. The game is popular in Switzerland, notes Canada’s TheSpec/Canadian Press, with 160 clubs and 800 registered players, but […]

Students protest Quebec university fees hike

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Tens of thousands of students protested in Montreal, Canada this week against a planned increase in tuition fees at Quebec universities, announced by the liberal government lead by Prime Minister Jean Charest. The city has seen daily marches since Monday 19 March. Quebec’s tuition fees, which are by far the lowest in […]

“Grave” strain to relations with allies in Canadian spy case

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – A Canadian naval intelligence officer accused of counterespionage has inflicted “grave injury” on relations with the country’s allies, The Globe and Mail reports, citing anonymous government sources. They are quoted as saying that the full extent of the damage will be fully gauged only once the government determines the content of classified information […]

Canada calls it summer (time)

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Canada is declaring the end of winter, with most of the country now on summer time, as of the early hours of Sunday 11 March. The Globe & Mail offers Canadians a kindly reminder to check their digital world to make sure everything has moved, and in the right direction, noting that […]