America on five relatives a day

Economic notes from a recovery summer By Matthew Stevenson Photos, Matthew Stevenson Because I live in Europe and only travel around the United States in summer—America-on-five-relatives-a-day—I am sure my economic observations from this last hegira lack the rigor of a Gallup poll or a Brookings Institution survey. Nevertheless, I did cross about two thousand miles […]

Take your cell phone and computer out of the car, say police

SION, VALAIS – Police in canton Valais say the capital, Sion, has been hit by a spate of car break-ins, with thieves going after cell phones and computers, or any other items of value. Unlocked trunks or car doors are being opened, but windows have also been smashed and windows left open a crack are […]

New train schedule offers better links, mobile connections improved


BERN, SWITZERLAND – The 2012 train schedule that goes into effect 11 December will offer travellers better connections for trips abroad. Some parts of the Lake Geneva region will also see improvements. But the best news for many working travellers is that mobile connections are being improved, as is the online sales service. The CFF […]

Mobile phones and FM radio helping free Africans, says Amnesty

(GenevaLunch) – Amnesty International’s 2011 annual report says bluntly that two of the most effective instruments of protesters in the Middle East in recent months have been mobile phones and FM radio. The report’s publication 12 May signalled its 50th birthday by surveying the state of human rights around the world. Reuters notes that “its […]

More Swiss speeders, drunks, distracted drivers caught in 2010

Bern, Switzerland (GenevaLunch) – The only group of lawbreakers on Swiss roads whose numbers remained stable in 2010 were foreigners, figures released Tuesday 8 February indicate. The federal highway department issued its annual statistics for driver’s licenses that were taken away, showing a 5.4 percent increase to nearly 79,000 drivers. Most, 63 percent, were lifted […]

US, Canadian wireless devices disrupting wifi, phone networks

Electronic devices should carry CE labels for use in Switzerland

Your garage door won’t close, the wifi isn’t working and the zapper is moody: check your USA-bought cell phone Bern, Switzerland (GenevaLunch) – Holiday gifts bought abroad might be cheaper or more interesting in the short run, but they can deliver a hex. The Swiss communications office, Ofcom, warns that if you are buying a […]

Bad drivers: on the phone, tailgating, say Swiss

Bern, Switzerland ( – The worst drivers in Switzerland are talking on their cell phones or messaging via SMS, according to a survey of 1,000 people in Switzerland, carried out for, the consumer price comparison group. Second worst: tailgaters, who hang onto the car in front of them. Men are considered worse drivers than […]

Sunrise and Orange merger banned

Bern, Switzerland (GenevaLunch) – The Swiss federal competition commission, Comco, will not allow a merger between France Telecom (Orange) and Sunrise to go ahead, it announced Thursday 22 April. The commission’s investigation into the cell phone market concluded that even though customers would benefit in some ways from a merger, the fact that Orange will […]

Solutions urgent, but hope in sight for burying TVs, cell phones

Geneva, Switzerland (GenevaLunch) – Solutions are within reach, but they are becoming increasingly urgent for the problem of what to do with the growing number of cell phones, televisions, computers and other electronic devices and their waste. A report issued this week by Unep, the United Nations environmental body, draws a gloomy picture, but it […]

For safety, India cracks down on pre-paids in Kashmir, but bears don’t care

The Indian government’s crackdown on pre-paid cell phones in troubled Jammu and Kashmir has drawn ire as Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh reaches out to the region’s residents by withdrawing army troops from the region. Nearly 3 million subscribers, including army troops disconnected from their families, have been left without phone service, days after Singh […]