Swiss population’s natural growth rate 6.5% lower than in 2011

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – More boys than girls were born in Switzerland in 2012, 105 boys to 100 girls, and the average age for childbearing continued to inch up, to 31.6 from 31.4 the previous year. The number of children born outside a marriage was 19.5 percent, well below the figure for France, 55 percent, or […]

The editor was right: there really are more than half a million of us speaking English

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – In fact, I, the editor was too cautious! For the past six years I have been insisting, with everyone I meet, that GenevaLunch exists because of a strong need for news in English in the Lake Geneva region and the rest of Switzerland because there are at least half a million people […]

We love our Swiss trains more, and we love our cars a little less

Canton Vaud tells Bern: pump money into public transport LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND – Cleaner air, healthier citizens, faster transport – Canton Vaud’s infrastructure department head François Marthaler says we can have it all, by speeding up investments in public transport, and he is calling on Bern to do so. Marthaler’s demand in a statement from the […]

US citizens abroad, stand up and be counted!

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – The US Overseas Vote Foundation in Munich 15 June is launching a remarkable campaign to count, for the first time, US citizens who live abroad, using a “formalized methodology”. The project, which runs until 15 July, aims to fill a gap that has made the number of Americans abroad guesswork, with government […]

Swiss population inches up 1%, twice as many women as men by 85


Neuchatel, Switzerland (GenevaLunch) – The Swiss resident population in 2010 reached 7,866,500, an increase of 80,700, according to preliminary figures published by the Swiss Statistical Office in Neuchatel 28 April. The 1 percent annual growth was comparable to the previous year’s. It includes the Swiss population as well as all resident foreigners except those with […]

India’s population now 17% of world total

Female infanticide appears to continue India’s census results were published Thursday 31 March, showing that the country is now the world’s second most populous, with 17 percent of the world population. India officially has 1.21 billion people, compared to China’s 1.34 billion. India added 181 million new people, but the Guardian notes that the census […]

US census results sparking political map fights

Seats for the US House will be reapportioned now that the US Census results, announced 21 December, are out: more people are moving to the South and West, and Texas will gain more seats in the lower house of Congress than any other state. The increase in black and Hispanic groups in many areas accounts […]

Switzerland shifts to annual national census


Digital age facilitates more frequent census-taking and broader range of information Neuchatel, Switzerland (GenevaLunch) – The Swiss government is moving to an annual national census, a ground shift in how the population is counted and how other data is gathered, Bern announced 21 December. The first day of the new census will be 31 December […]

Italy’s officials could suffer loss of limos


Austerity is coming home to Italy’s government officials, some 90,000 of whom are about to lose their limos in a crackdown on perks, if the country’s waste minister, Renato Brunetta, has his way. Brunetta told the Financial Times a recent census his ministry has undertaken shows the fleet and its 60,000 drivers are probably costing […]

India adds biometric data to massive census job

A team of 2.5 million census-takers is starting work on the once-a-decade census to register, count and, for the first time, give an identity card to India’s population of about 1 billion persons. The 2011 census will take year to complete has a new twist: everyone will be photographed and fingerprinted, as the government adds […]