Midwest in US hit by big snowstorm

Chicago gets it for rush hour GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – March came roaring into the Midwest in the US like the proverbial lion, dumping several inches of snow in what is being described as the season’s worst snowstorm. A corridor of snow, as CNN describes it, is bringing snow from the Dakotas and Minnesota to Washington, […]

Chicago teachers vote to go back to work

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Teachers in Chicago, Illinois, the third largest school system in the US, are heading back to work Wednesday after nearly two weeks of a strike whose ripple effect spread throughout the country. The union has yet to approve the vote, but given the strong yes to the compromise package worked out over […]

Obama support from US teachers’ unions wavers

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – US teachers’ unions, traditionally strong supporters of the Democratic Party, are taking a more critical approach to the party as the Democrats’ convention opened Tuesday 4 September, in Charlotte, North Carolina. The convention will formally endorse President Barack Obama as its presidential candidate in November’s elections. First Lady Michelle Obama was the […]

Chicago Nato meeting draws protesters

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Scuffles and arrests marked Sunday’s Occupy Chicago protest against the Nato (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) meeting  being held in Chicago, Illinois, USA, the Chicago Sun Times reports. Some streets in the city centre have been blocked and traffic redirected at times. About 2,000 journalists are covering the two-day summit, the first held […]

Chicago woman runs marathon, then gives birth

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Runner Amber Miller beat her husband Joe in the 42-km Chicago Marathon 9 October, but the hard work wasn’t over yet for the day: she went into labour soon after the race and gave birth to a 7-pound daughter, June. Mother and daughter are doing fine. Miller was closely followed by doctors […]

Yet another winter storm wallops US

Australians  hold their breath as Cyclone Yasi nears It’s water in Queensland, but snow in the US: the latest storm, being called a megastorm by some, cut a north-south path that stretch down to Texas and up past Chicago, a city accustomed to snow that nevertheless saw its two airports shut down. NPR reports that […]

Bedbugs bring together 400 in Illinois hotel

Some 400 self-proclaimed experts on bedbugs have converged on the Hyatt Rosemont in Illinois, near Chicago, for the world’s first convention on bedbugs; 200 others were turned away. The gathering brought together entomologists and pest control experts to discuss the growing problem of bedbug infestation, which is centred on the Northeast, with New York City […]

Chicago mayor Daley to step down

Long-standing mayor of Chicago, Richard Daley, has announced that he will not seek a record seventh term and will step down when his term ends in 2011. He made the surprise announcement at a routine press conference 7 September. “Simply put, it’s time. Time for me. And time for Chicago to move on”, he said. […]

United swallows Continental in merger of “equals”

United Airlines has agreed to buy Continental in what the two are calling a merger of equals, for about $3.2 billion. The new airline, to be called United, will fly to 59 countries, 389 destinations, and it will be the world’s largest airline, with more passengers than Delta, the current leader. It will have $29 […]

The strange side of world news at week’s end


Geneva, Switzerland (GenevaLunch) – Friday often brings some of the world’s stranger bits of news, from amusing to weird to hard to believe: Young people who are not yet of voting age, in Geneva, Switzerland erected the first new and relatively small minaret, defying the 29 November popular vote that bans them: in the Place […]