Two university hospitals remove bacteria-tainted soaps


GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – The Hug and Chuv university hospitals in Geneva and Lausanne said Monday afternoon they immediately removed potentially bacteria-tainted soap throughout their establishments, after the discovery last Thursday that unopened soap in the intensive care unit in Lausanne carried the bacteria “Pseudomonas aeruginosa”, which can cause hospital-borne (nocosomial) infections. The discovery came as […]

MJF boss Claude Nobs hospitalized, prognosis awaited

Claude Nobs Montreux Jazz Festival founder - Photo MJF ©Lionel Flusin

MONTREUX, SWITZERLAND – The Foundation Board of the Montreux Jazz Festival says founder Claude Nobs is currently hospitalized and in grave condition. According to a press release sent on 7 January, Nobs, one of the most recognized names in music worldwide, is in a “state of unconsciousness” since the Christmas break. The Montreux Jazz Festival communicates that during […]

Geneva, Lausanne hospital teams research to change world IC care

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Better nutrition for the most at-risk patients needing tube-feeding (EN, or enteral nutrition) in intensive care in hospitals plays a key role in avoiding what can be deadly infections, Swiss medical researchers have shown. Work published Thursday 6 December in the British medical journal Lancet and online 3 December, by a research […]

Yasser Arafat may have been poisoned, Lausanne lab tests show

LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND – Tests run by the Institute of Radiation Physics at the University Hospitals (CHUV) in Lausanne on personal items belonging to deceased Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat had a level that was “significant, of polonium” director François Bochud told Aljazeera news service. His remarks are made in a documentary made by the news agency. […]

Sierre bus crash: Rega flies last 3 children home to Belgium


ZURICH, SWITZERLAND – Rega, the Swiss air emergency service, flew three girls home to Belgium today from the Chuv University hospitals in Lausanne, where they were in critical condition until Saturday for one and Monday for the two others. The three were the last of the children injured in the 13 March Sierre bus crash […]

Lake Geneva bacteria-resistant waste water “not alarming” but treatment urged


Hospital waste water should be treated separately LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND – A startling discovery made by researchers at Vidy, in Lausanne, has led to recommendations that waste water dumped into Lake Geneva be given complementary treatments and that waste water from hospitals be treated separately. The research team from Eawag, the Swiss aquatic research institute in […]

Sierre bus crash: three girls at Chuv out of danger

LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND – The three girls at the Chuv university hospitals in Lausanne who have been in critical condition since the bus crash in Sierre a week ago are now out of danger, doctors said Tuesday 20 March. The hospital says in a statement that it will now be in touch with Belgian authorities about […]

Valais has second A9 deadly accident this week


Accident just 24km from Sion, where injured children, families were being prepared to fly to Belgium GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – It has been a particularly deadly week on Swiss roads, and canton Valais, still reeling from the Sierre autoroute tunnel crash Tuesday that killed 28 people, had a second fatal accident on the A9 Friday, bringing […]

Chuv hospitals hit by new internal theft


LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND – The Chuv university hospitals, which have greatly tightened their financial auditing systems since a neurologist stole nearly CHF5 million to feed his passion for precious books, Wednesday 5 October faced a new theft. A woman who worked in the visceral (internal organs, especially digestive) surgery unit as assistant to the director of […]

Remote ultrasounds for diagnoses soon available

LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND – A French-Swiss research team in Bescancon, France and Lausanne and two start-ups in the Lake Geneva region will soon be putting on the market a system for remote ultrasounds. The new diagnostic tool will make it possible for the first time for specialist physicians to work directly with technicians, in real time, […]