Regional travel & wine: French Jura


GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – France’s Jura mountains are defined by deep, secret forests and rushing streams, so it is always a surprise to suddenly come upon snug villages edged by magnificent vineyards. Coming down into Arbois, there is such an abrupt change of scenery and state of mind that your arrival calls for a pause. A […]

1774 Arbois Vin Jaune up for auction in Geneva

Vin Jaune, a master’s palette for the palate BERN, SWITZERLAND – Eight generations of the Vercel family in Arbois, France, across the Jura mountains, have held onto a 1774 bottle of the region’s famed Vin Jaune, storing it in the family’s vaulted underground cellar. Now the 87-centilitre bottle, with its typical Burgundian rounded belly and […]