Raining coffee capsules in Switzerland! Migros, Fust join game


ZURICH, SWITZERLAND – Migros and Fust started coffee-lovers off, post holiday weekend, with an explosion of Nespresso machine friendly capsules. The two store chains announced, apparently coincidentally, that they are launching their own capsules designed to work with Nespresso machines, and that they are confident there is no patent violation. Nestlé has staunchly defended its […]

Late harvest coffee capsules inspired by wine world

LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND – Those beautiful late-harvest wines for which Switzerland is gaining such a world reputation is part of the influence behind a new Swiss-based product, Nestlé’s limited edition Naora Grand Cru coffee capsules. Nespresso spent two years working with the National Federation of Colombian Coffee Growers “to perfect the technique which was heavily influenced […]

The Swedish solution to frigid winter

LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND – I always thought the characters in Stieg Larsson‘s and Henning Mankell’s Swedish novels drank coffee endlessly out of nervousness or boredom, despite their crime-chasing lives. Our icy winter weather with days on end of sharp winds and sub-zero temperatures on Lake Geneva have made me reconsider that this might just be a […]

Capsules, filters, Italian style: the coffee makes it “green”


Zurich, Switzerland (GenevaLunch) – Love your coffee capsule but you want an environmentally friendly cup of the hot stuff? Fair trade is the route to green coffee, with agricultural methods outweighing final packaging, research at Empa in eastern Switzerland shows. Empa is the Swiss federal materials research laboratory. The group’s latest research shows that the […]

New standards to measure how pure your instant coffee is

How pure is your cuppa joe? - Cartoon by A. Rosa, ISO

Geneva, Switzerland (GenevaLunch) – The Geneva-based International Organization for Standardization (ISO), has developed a new standard to certify “the purity and quality of soluble coffee powder” and a tool to “detect possible adulterations” in soluble/instant coffee. It seems that sipping your favorite instant cuppa Joe labeled “100% pure soluble coffee” might leave a bitter taste […]

Bialetti Mukka Express cappuccino maker

An economical, ecological, ergonomic cappuccino maker Bialetti’s Mukka Express model is unique in that you can make a cappuccino or café au lait, with real espresso and foamy milk, all in one pot. The Bialetti looks very similar to Bialetti’s traditional 6- and 8-sided, stovetop espresso makers. It does not require paper filters, so it […]

Starbucks makes first-ever drinks prices cuts


In a move that may reflect the real impact on the street of the economic crisis, Starbucks is making its first-ever cut in prices. The company says, without specifying which markets, that it will cut popular small coffee and latte drinks by US 5-10 cents. At the same time, it will fine-tune its prices, reports […]

New coffee shop with Wifi for your business meetings

Ellen Wallace’s Among the vines blog introduces a new coffee shop on the rue du Stand in Geneva, right in the heart of the banking quarter. It is fully equipped with Wifi, which makes it perfect for your business meetings.

Swiss leap from good to better to wondrous coffee


Coffee in Geneva has reached world-class status. The Richemond Hotel’s Le Bar now has a coffee menu and staff trained by one of Italy’s best coffee-art specialists, barista Giorgio Milos. The coffee menu Go for the cappuccino, worth every sip at CHF8, but expect it to come with a beautiful design on the top and […]

Loose-change coffee to disappear

Switzerland (TSR, Fre) – Empty your pockets of loose change and then look for more: the price of a cup of coffee in a restaurant or cafe will go up in 2009, but no one is saying by precisely how much.