US Fatca legislation eased slightly for small local foreign banks

American Stock Exchange

SBA expects Fatca to continue creating difficulties for “US persons” living abroad GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – US Fatca legislation is being refined before it goes into effect in 2013 and the latest change, according to American Citizens Abroad (ACA) 19 November, is a new version of the recommended Intergovernmental Agreement (pdf) with a “loosener” that is […]

FBAR assumptions add to media muddle over Hildebrand story

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Two new wrinkles appeared Monday 23 January in Swiss media stories surrounding the resignation of Swiss National Bank Chairman Philipp Hildebrand. French-speaking Switzerland’s largest circulation newspaper Le Matin Dimanche yesterday picked up on vague suggestions that have been appearing in German-language media since early January that his wife Kashya, who is American, […]

China meets standards: “beneficial impact on global supply of vaccines”

Geneva, Switzerland (GenevaLunch) – China’s State Food And Drug Administration now meets stringent World Health Organization (WHO) “indicators for a functional vaccine regulatory system”, the WHO in Geneva says. The implications are potentially enormous: “Vaccine manufacturers in China are now eligible to apply for WHO prequalification of specific products. It is expected that vaccines from […]