Man gets 12 years for giving Aids to clients

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – A self-proclaimed healer who was found guilty of intentionally infecting 16 of his clients with Aids was sentenced Friday 22 March by a Bern court to 12 years and 9 months in prison. The Bern man, 54, has been in the media for the past week not just because of the trial […]

Bank robber got nearly a million and a hit on the head, now to get prison

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – One of the stranger sagas in bank robberies in the area is drawing to a close, with the thief awaiting sentencing after being convicted of trying and nearly succeeded in robbing the UBS just below Cornavin train station in Geneva. The Tribune de Geneve in a feature article 16 October recounts the […]

High court refuses to ship out Macedonian drug dealer

LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND – The second court of the Swiss Federal Criminal Court in Lausanne, which deals with questions concerning foreigners, refused to send a Macedonian who has lived in Switzerland since the age of 7 back to “his” country. The court said in a public session that despite a 2010 vote by Swiss citizens in […]

Stanford gets 111 years, slightly fewer than Madoff

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Big spender Texan Allen Stanford had his day in court, and it wasn’t a good one for him. But the middle income clients who say he fleeced them of their limited wealth appeared happy with the judge’s sentence: 110 years in prison for fraud, without the possibility of parole. Stanford, who led […]

Swiss high court says Credit Suisse customer’s data cannot be given to US (update 2)


Decision says US request was not in line with tax agreement Tribunal confirms to GenevaLunch that decision was based on 1996 agreement Update 2 15:00  BERN, SWITZERLAND – The Swiss Administrative Court has struck a blow to US-Swiss tax administrative assistance discussions, ruling in favour of a Credit Suisse client who appealed a decision by […]

French twin wins continuation of case over brother’s death at police hands

LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND – The Swiss high court for criminal cases has told a Fribourg cantonal court it must reopen the case against a police officer by a French youth whose brother died from a bullet while the two were fleeing the scene of a crime in Fribourg in April 2010. The cantonal court had ruled […]

Elmer drops Baer charges, still faces the law

ZURICH, SWITZERLAND – Rudolf Elmer, ex-Bank Julius Baer manager who brought charges against his former employer for meancing him, dropped them Thursday 17 November when he appeared in court to appeal his earlier sentencing on a number of charges. A Zurich court ruled against his appeal but this was later overturned by the Swiss federal […]

Assange extradition to Sweden approved

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Julian Assange, founder of WikiLeaks, 2 November lost his high court appeal to avoid extradition to Sweden. His lawyers say they will decide in the next 14 days whether or not to appeal to Britain’s supreme court. Assange is wanted by Sweden for questioning over charges of sexual assault filed by two […]

Basel woman who killed husband in game goes free

BASEL, SWITZERLAND – A 32-year-old woman who shot her husband in March 2011 was found guilty of homicide by negligence and sent home without sentencing. The judge declared she had suffered enough in losing her husband. She shot her husband in their apartment while he was showing her how to handle the gun, of which […]

11 die, scores injured as Bangladesh group claims Delhi court bomb

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Eleven people are dead and at least 76 injured following the explosion of a bomb in Delhi, India Wednesday 7 September. HuJI, a Bangladeshi terrorist group earlier “in an email demanded that Afzal Guru’s death sentence should be repealed immediately else the group would target major high courts and the Supreme Court”, […]