Stanford gets 111 years, slightly fewer than Madoff

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Big spender Texan Allen Stanford had his day in court, and it wasn’t a good one for him. But the middle income clients who say he fleeced them of their limited wealth appeared happy with the judge’s sentence: 110 years in prison for fraud, without the possibility of parole. Stanford, who led […]

Sports, cricket: England humiliated by Pakistan

ABU DHABI, UAE – The England cricket team again snatched defeat from the brink of victory when the batting collapsed to 72 all out in the second test against Pakistan, 28 January. It looked like England had a good chance of leveling the series when Monty Panesar celebrated his return to the team by taking […]

Rebekah’s gold raises more News of the World questions

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – You can close down a newspaper but you can’t put it out to pasture completely, it seems, with the news world’s ethics debates still raging four months after the demise of The News of the World in Britain. On the one hand, the newspaper was praised by media and the judge alike […]

Cricket cheating sentences: go to the source

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – I don’t follow cricket and couldn’t explain more than the basics about bowling no-balls, but I’m feeling very sad for Pakistan and cricket-lovers everywhere today. One of them lives in my house, so perhaps I’m more aware of the story than the average non-fan. Three of the sport’s top players, including one […]

Cricket scandal men get prison sentences, fines

LONDON, ENGLAND – The three dethroned heroes of Pakistan’s cricket team, Salman Butt, age 30, Mohammad Asif, 28, and Mohammad Amir, 19, were handed prison sentences and fines by a London court Thursday. Butt and Asif, who were found guilty of conspiracy to defraud and accept corrupt money earlier this week have been handed sentences […]

Sports: cricket trio found guilty of conspiracy in spot-fixing trial

LONDON, ENGLAND – The world of cricket has been bowled over by the conviction of two of its top players for spot fixing, or technically, of conspiracy to cheat and conspiracy to accept corrupt money. A third player pleaded guilty, information that was made public only once the  jury’s decision was in. The trial, concluded […]

Cricket: England smash India 4-0

LONDON, ENGLAND – Graeme Swann wrapped up the final day of the fourth test by taking six wickets at the Oval Monday 22 August. England won by an innings and eight runs to take one of the most one-sided series of recent years. England moved into top place in the test rankings while India slipped […]

Mumbai awaits the battle of the little masters

International sports, World Cup cricket Mumbai, India(GenevaLunch) – Go put on a slow cooking curry to give your home the right ambiance, turn on the television to the right channel (Sky Sports 1 for me) and prepare for the battle of the little masters. (Many pubs will also be showing the match.) Sachin Tendulkar will […]

Calling South Asia today? Don’t bother, they’re watching TV

The Globe & Mail in Canada puts it best: “If you do business in South Asia, well, don’t expect anyone to take your calls, unless you’re ringing to share invective on the shocking performance of India’s spinners.” Forget about world crises, making money or sorting out family problems, for today is a cricket day. India […]

Long bans for cricket cheats

International sports, cricket Doha, Qatar, (GenevaLunch)- The Anti-Corruption Tribunal of the International Cricket Council (ICC) handed out long bans to the three Pakistani players involved in spot-fixing during the 2010 Tests against England, 5 February. Captain Salman Butt was banned for 10 years, five of which are suspended. Mohammad Asif for seven years, two suspended, […]