Fallout appears from Swiss decision on foreign workers

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – The day after Switzerland announced that it will curb the number of foreign workers from the European Union, starting 1 May, four other European countries signed a letter saying that they, too, need to limit immigration, reports RTS. The Netherlands, Britain, Germany and Austria cited reasons similar to Switzerland’s for invoking the […]

Ticino worried by boom in cross-border apprentices

A growing number of Swiss towns and cities have 20kph zones where pedestrians and cars mingle, but the pedestrian has the right-of-way

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – The number of young Italians who live in Italy but cross the border daily to train as apprentices under canton Ticino’s apprenticeship programme has increased by 40 percent in “the past few years”, according to RTS public broadcasting, and authorities in the canton are becoming concerned. Some 700 apprentices, 10 percent of […]

Cross-border workers, numbers continue to rise

TAB Basel cross border workers 081112

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Cross-border commuters increased by 4.8 percent in 2012, figures released by the Swiss Federal Statistical Office Monday 4 March show. About one in 10 workers in the Lake Geneva region and around Basel in northwestern Switzerland is a cross-border worker. The figure for Ticino is one in four. Eighty percent of them […]

Cross-border workers targeted in latest Swiss right-wing proposal

Becoming Swiss citizens

ZURICH, SWITZERLAND – The 23 October 2011 elections in Switzerland are now likely to include a right-wing popular initiative (citizen-launched vote) to limit immigration and re-negotiate the Schengen accord with the European Union. Swiss citizens vote on several popular initiatives a year. This latest one is being launched by the UDC Swiss People’s Party, which […]

S&P’s smiles on Geneva’s finances (update)


Update 17:00 / Geneva, Switzerland (GenevaLunch) – Standard & Poor’s, the credit rating institution, at the end of 2010 gave the canton an AA-/stable rating. The full report, in English, was made available this week by the canton. S&P’s assessment for Geneva was mostly upbeat: “The rating on the Republic and Canton of Geneva in […]

Unemployment grows in the France-Geneva-Vaud region

Unemployment and population growth in the Haute Savoie-Ain-Geneva-Vaud region France and Lake Geneva region (GenevaLunch) – Although unemployment is growing in the France-Vaud-Geneva region, the most affected areas are the French border departments, says a new study published 5 October by the Cross-border Observatory. According to the report, unemployment in the France-Vaud-Geneva region jumped from […]

“Frontaliers” a boon to Geneva’s economy, numbers show

Geneva, Switzerland (GenevaLunch) – Frontaliers (cross-border workers) are said by some to be at the root of many of Geneva’s social problems, from traffic to crime to unemployment. These concerns among Geneva’s voters were reflected in last weekend’s elections to the cantonal parliament, or Grand Conseil, which gave the right-wing Mouvement des Cityoyens Genevois (MCG) […]

Annecy and Geneva hug each other with 18.8 km autoroute

Geneva, Switzerland and Annecy, France (GenevaLunch) – Annecy and Geneva will be 10 minutes closer 18 December, thanks to the new Aliane strip of the A41 North autoroute in France, which is being inaugurated today. More significant to the cross-border workers and weekend trippers who travel this route regularly, the new road should reduce frequent […]