Chinese-French artist Zao Wou Ki dies in Nyon


GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Influential Chinese-French artist Zao Wou Ki has died in Nyon, age 93. He left China in 1950 and settled in Paris, eventually becoming a French citizen. He settled in Switzerland in 2011, a move that according to news agency AFP is part of a family dispute over the painter’s health care and […]

Margaret Thatcher, first female British PM, dies

UK, US media: her image remains very strong 23 years after Britain’s longest-serving prime minister left office GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Margaret Thatcher, former Conservative Party British prime minister, died Monday 8 April following a stroke. She was age 87. She was Britain’s first female prime minister, serving from 1979 to 1990, but she is likely […]

Snowboarder dies in Zermatt

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – A 31-year-old Dutch man lost his life Sunday 31 March in an accident in Zermatt. He was snowboarding off-piste and at 15:00 he was found at the bottom of a cliff by other freeriders, according to local paper Le Nouvelliste. He was taken to Chuv university hospitals in Lausanne in critical condition, […]

One dead, 3 injured in A9 crash late Saturday

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – A 28-year-old Vaud woman was killed when a car crashed late Saturday while overtaking another car on the A9 autoroute between Aigle and Villeneuve. The three other occupants of the car were injured, one of them critically. The 38-year-old driver, a woman from the region, lost control of the car for reasons […]

Henri Kudelski dies, age 43

LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND – Henri Kudelski, the 43-year-old brother of Kudelski Group chief executive and president André Kudelski, was killed over the weekend in an accident, reportedly in his garden in Chexbres. He was employed by the group. His death comes just weeks after the death of the father of the two men, the company’s founder […]

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez dies

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Hugo Chavez, age 58, president of Venezuela for 14 years, died Tuesday evening 5 March Swiss time, ending a two-year battle with cancer. Chavez had reportedly been improving until this week, when a new infection was reportedly to have stricken him, but he had not been seen in public for three months, […]

Water test results awaited for LA hotel where Vancouver woman’s body found

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – A bizarre and unexplained death in Los Angeles has police investigating if foul play was involved, but meanwhile the hotel where the body of Elisa Lam was found is coping with possible contamination of its drinking and cooking water. A don’t-drink order was issued Tuesday by the city’s health department and decontamination […]

Youth dies in Renens, hit by train while crossing tracks

LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND – A 16-year-old youth from canton Fribourg died Saturday night 16 February when he was hit by a train in Renens at 22:50. Police say the initial investigation shows he was using a service passage, banned to the public, to cross the tracks and appears not to have seen the train to his […]

Former boss of Agefi and Genolier clinics dies

LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND – L’Agefi’s Alain Fabarez, one-time publisher of Agefi, Swiss financial journal, has died of a heart attack, age 68. Fabarez was well-known in Switzerland, his adopted home, for the success he made of the journal, which nevertheless operated in the red for several years, and later for his role as chairman of the […]

Geneva man caught by Nendaz avalanche dies

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – A 48-year-old Swiss man from Geneva died of his injuries Wednesday 14 February, a day after he was buried by an avalanche near Nendaz in canton Valais, say cantonal police. The man was taken by helicopter to Sion hospital shortly after the accident, but he was in critical condition, along with another […]